Asklepios Hospital Schaufling

Schaufling, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Schaufling
Asklepios Hospital Schaufling
Asklepios Hospital Schaufling

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Schaufling offered rehabilitation services for patients with lung diseases as early as 1908 and constantly expanded to cover more and more favors. Today, the clinic has 350 places, which annually serve 3,500 patients in neurology, orthopedics, and cardiology. The independent research institute MINQ recognized the clinic as one of the most satisfactory in Germany in rehabilitating neurological and orthopedic patients.

The medical center meets high safety standards. In particular, this is confirmed by the KTQ, TUV SUD, and BAR Federal working group on rehabilitation. In addition, Qualiä awards the hospital with the "Post-Covid-Check" seal, which guarantees a high level of safety during cure.

Rehabilitation specialists provide several types of restoration, including EAP (advanced ambulatory occupational therapy), T-RENA (post-treatment exercise therapy), IRENA (post-operative care), occupational musculoskeletal rehabilitation (ABMR and EFL), and tele-rehab-aftercare (TRN). Much attention is paid to the neuroradiological direction of remedy and psychosomatic restoration. In particular, patients after discharge from the acute clinic (so-called phase C) and in the post-acute phase (so-called phase D) can receive appropriate care and opportunities for recovery and self-care. Furthermore, doctors collaborate with epilepsy centers and the Network for epilepsy and work (NEA). In addition, the German Pension Insurance recognized the hospital as one of the best rehabilitation clinics in Germany for patients with knee and hip replacements or chronic back pain. In addition, doctors are highly skilled in wound care, including negative pressure therapy (VAC pump), a wound plasma machine, and special wound dressings. The application of modern and non-standard cure methods includes computer training with Tyromotion devices and animal-assisted therapy. Such options donate to the most comprehensive rehabilitation. Furthermore, patients with acquired visual disabilities also have the opportunity to receive rehabilitation thanks to a multidisciplinary team of ophthalmologists, opticians, orthoptists, and psychologists.

Asklepios Hospital in Schaufling provides services to patients with syringomyelia, Chiari malformation, post-stroke, post-polio motor neuron syndrome, the chronic complication of poliomyelitis, Parkinson's disease, dementia, visual impairment, traumatic brain injury, Guillain-Barre syndrome, and brain tumors. In addition, patients after orthopedic treatment, injuries, heart failure, or a heart attack are also served. The modern treatment combines classical, long-proven methods, including using surrounding natural resources.

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Founded in 1908
3,500 patients
350 beds available
N/A department

What is the uniqueness of treatment at the medical center?

Doctors combine robotic rehabilitation techniques with unusual suggestions. In particular, therapy with the help of animals and barefoot walks in the forest positively affects the progress of rehabilitation, strengthens neurosensory sensitivity, and reduces postural instability.

What are physical therapy options available at the clinic?

Manual and Vojt therapy, treatment according to Bobat, reflex locomotion and craniosacral therapy, cure of lateral curvature of the spine, PNF, therapy according to Dr. Bruges, and orthopedic swimming are included in the comprehensive list of physiotherapy but are not limited.

What training equipment does Asklepios Hospital Schaufling have?

MILON devices (with chip cards) for circuit training, computerized cardio training, cycle ergometers, and Tyromotion devices are available to rehabilitate patients with the best results and efficiency.

About the city

Schaufling is a town in Lower Bavaria, Germany, with a population of almost 1,600. The smallness of the city and the location among forests and hills gives the atmosphere of real country rest and inner harmony.

The city is especially suitable for a quiet, unhurried vacation. Narrow romantic streets, cozy restaurants with national dishes, and delicious desserts fit perfectly into the city's lifestyle. The Gothic pilgrimage church of the 14th century Geiersbergkirche, Wallfahrtskirche, and Geiersbergkirche of the 17th century add a unique charm to the city's architecture. In addition, the location of an alpaca farm and an adventure farm with different types of animals, excursions, and various local festivals allow guests to spend their time actively.

Schaufling was first mentioned in 1928. The city is generally still famous for its organic products and agricultural development. In addition, the city has had a profound medical tradition since as early as 1908, a pulmonary sanatorium was operating here, which was later reorganized and expanded thanks to the Asklepios Hospital Schaufling. Its location on the outskirts of the Bavarian Forest has become a delightful proposition in rehabilitation.

The cozy and warm town of Schaufling is an ideal place to relax and recharge your batteries for new achievements. The city's tranquility is transmitted to its guests, as well as the friendliness and hospitality of the residents.

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