Asklepios Hospital Lindau

Lindau, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Lindau
Asklepios Hospital Lindau
Asklepios Hospital Lindau

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Lindau is a modern multidisciplinary clinic that offers comprehensive medical care. The medical centre has provided emergency hospital care in and around Lindau for over 100 years. Modern medicine, patient care and human attention are the focus of the Asklepios Hospital in Lindau.

The medical staff comprises more than 400 employees, each with higher medical education. Doctors work in 7 specialized departments and three centres. The clinic serves over 17,000 patients a year with a total capacity of 110 beds. All rooms are designed for three people and have a comfortable sanitary area, TV and Internet access. Many of the clinic's rooms have a fantastic view of Lake Constance.

Asklepios Klinik Lindau is one of the best hospitals in Germany. This conclusion was reached by the renowned FAZ Institute and the Institute of Management and Economic Research after evaluating the quality reports of more than 1,900 clinics across the country. It is a testament to the high quality and the result of the excellent work of all the hospital staff. The medical centre operates following the Commission on Hospital Hygiene and Infection Prevention recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute while ensuring the safety of patients. All modern procedures, methods and techniques are available at the Lindau Clinic: from examination to treatment, from anaesthesia to surgery, and from traditional and minimally invasive to complex surgical care. The EndoLindau-Bodensee Endoprosthetics Center in the clinic has been certified by EndoCert since 2013. Due to the surgical experience of more than 10,000 independent arthroscopic interventions on the knee and shoulder joints, many professional athletes also trust their health to the hospital's medical team.

With departments of general and visceral surgery with urology, orthopaedics and traumatology, spinal diseases, internal medicine with acute geriatrics, gynaecology and obstetrics, intensive care and inpatient department of the ear, nose and throat, the Asklepios Lindau Clinic provides the first-class diagnostic and therapeutic services. The qualified team of doctors also specializes in treating the elderly, whose mobility or independence is limited by acute or chronic illness. Medical services are provided under one roof for greater patient comfort.

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17,000 patients
110 beds available
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Should I choose Asklepios Hospital Lindau for orthopaedic treatment?

The clinic is a good choice for orthopaedics and traumatology because of the implementation of the world's recognized methods. Minimally invasive endoprosthetics and therapy with own mesenchymal stem cells (autoMSC) achieve record-breaking efficiency of restoration of joints.

Is treatment available for older people?

Geriatrics is one of the medical centre's services and includes a multidisciplinary approach. Great attention is paid to the problems of staggering and frequent falls. Thanks to laboratory tests, CCT, MRI, and ultrasound, a team of physiotherapists and occupational therapists selects an individual treatment.

What range of services does the clinic offer?

The clinic offers treatment of orthopaedic patients, and urological and otolaryngological diseases and carries out surgical interventions in general and visceral surgery. In addition, doctors provide intensive and primary therapy, geriatric treatment, and gynaecological and obstetric care.

Is the hospital among the best in Germany?

The clinic is considered one of the best in comparing treatment quality among 1,900 clinics. Moreover, the choice of residents and patients worldwide for a cure in Asklepios Hospital Lindau, even in the most complex cases, confirms the effectiveness of treatment.

About the city

Lindau, located in the border triangle of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and thus in the heart of Europe, is the most southwestern city of the Free State of Bavaria and an important tourist centre on Lake Constance. The city has about 25,000 inhabitants. The world-famous island city is essential for tourism and has a good reputation as an attractive commercial destination with good transport links.

The old town of Lindau has primarily retained its medieval character and has many historical sights. The Old Town Hall in the island's heart is one of the most important. Today it houses the former Imperial City Library on the ground floor, a treasure trove of books from several centuries that was recently beautifully presented. Lindau's landmark is the world-famous harbour entrance with a lighthouse and a Bavarian lion. Other attractions are the city's medieval towers, the two main churches of St. Stephen and the Cathedral of Our Lady, and the 1000-year-old St. Peter's Church.

In the field of international conferences, Lindau has made a name for itself with the meeting of Nobel Prize winners, which has been held since 1951. The world's best scientists in medicine, chemistry and physics meet annually in constant rotation to exchange ideas with selected representatives of student youth from around the world. The city also has been a transit point for the Germany Bicycle Tour for several years. In addition, the Lindau Stadium has hosted several international athletics competitions. It is noteworthy that many professional athletes choose Asklepios Hospital Lindau to treat diseases of the musculoskeletal system. The clinic's medical team has many years of experience and offers highly qualified services for residents of Germany and Europe.

Art, history, tradition, cosiness and cosmopolitanism have long made Lindau an attractive destination for tourists worldwide. The former free imperial city offers many opportunities for recreation and relaxation. There is so much to see, discover and explore. Small, romantic, winding streets, traditional gastronomy, old historical trading companies and shops, and open and hospitable residents attract visitors and guests.

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