Asklepios Hospital Kandel

Kandel, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Kandel
Asklepios Hospital Kandel
Asklepios Hospital Kandel

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Kandel is an acute care clinic providing services since 1913. 178 beds are available to patients for inpatient cure on a 24-hour basis. Dedication and patient orientation are integral to service and contribute to the continuous development of services.

The medical center has more than 10 departments that treat patients of varying degrees of severity. High-tech equipment and conveniences in the interior especially consider the needs of customers. More than 15 years ago, the chest department received the first quality certificate in the region. Cancer patients are also treated according to the recommendations of the German Cancer Society. In particular, since 2020, the vascular surgery department has been operating in the medical center.

Considerable attention is paid to the trauma service. For example, an endoprosthesis center on the territory is certified and meets the strict criteria of modern therapy. Orthopedists also offer conservative meniscus surgery and cartilage-sparing methods of knee treatment, minimally invasive cruciate ligament replacement by tendon transplantation, spine surgery in the form of kyphoplasty, multimodal conservative cure with various types of analgesia, physical therapy, and manual therapy. Since 2016, Asklepios Clinic in Kandel has been part of the "Pfalz" trauma network. Also, another expansion of services was introduced in 2018 in the form of geriatric remedies. A multidisciplinary team of doctors, nurses, rehabilitators, and social services provides comprehensive care and treatment within one department. Specialized treatment is also available in the center for breast cancer, gastroenterology, arthroplasty, hernia, bariatrics, and cardiology. Surgeons use gentle, minimally invasive techniques, such as laparoscopy. This approach allows for the reduction of traumatization of healthy tissues. Also, in 2013, a modern heart catheter laboratory was equipped for detecting diseases and treatment in the early stages. Cooperation with the West German Oncology Center contributed to the formation of an interdisciplinary oncology conference, which also increased the possibilities of early treatment and prevention of diseases.

Asklepios Medical Center in Kandel provides medical services beyond the general therapeutic profile. The specialized and highly qualified work of cardiologists, urologists, oncologists, gynecologists, surgeons, and orthopedists meets the gold standards. In addition, rehabilitation, geriatric care, and recovery are also available.

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Founded in 1913
178 patients
N/A beds available
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Should I choose Asklepios Hospital Kandel for shoulder surgery?

The orthopedists offer shoulder joint replacement or arthroscopy to treat joint instability, impingement syndrome, calcification and rupture of the tendon plate under the acromion, and initial arthrosis of the shoulder joint. The high quality of services contributes to the significant effect.

Does the medical center provide treatment for geriatric patients?

The hospital offers elderly patients individual treatment according to the needs of their bodies. Special attention is paid to the simultaneous combination of several diseases requiring several specialists' involvement.

What services does the urology department offer?

Urologists offer treatment of benign and malignant tumors, surgical reconstructive and outpatient treatment, urogynecological and andrological procedures, and solutions for urinary incontinence. Also, much experience has been achieved in gently treating stones in the urinary tract.

About the city

Kandel is a city of more than 9,000 inhabitants in Germany, in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate.

The city is trendy among tourists due to the incredible views of the snowy mountains and the local culture. 1700-year-old Baroque buildings and half-timbered houses represent the city's architecture. In particular, the city's main attractions are the Protestant Church of St. George, the Town Hall, the Schaffhaus, and the Dampfnudeltor from 1660. The Bruchbach-Otterbachniederung Nature Reserve is also available for active family recreation in the city. Also, in 2006, the Fun Forest Ropeway was opened, which became a real gem of local entertainment. Romantic evenings with delicious national dishes can be spent in one of the many presented restaurants or wine bars.

Trade, services, and crafts characterize the economic component of Kandel. In addition, the winemaking sector and tobacco cultivation are also developed. Also, in 1913, a military hospital was built in the city, which was transformed into a civilian hospital 1918. Currently, the clinic is part of a leading medical network in the form of Asklepios Hospital Kandel and is the primary provider of medical services in the city and region. The city also has a developed sports sector, offering swimming in a forest pool, playing football, shooting and much more. In addition, fuss-Golf-Adamshof is a local entertainment center for residents and visitors.

The chambered European city of Kandel is ideal for a relaxing holiday with incredible scenery and delicious food. In addition to general entertainment, a cultural program and outdoor activities will add to the unforgettable experience.

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