Asklepios Hospital Heidberg Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Heidberg Hamburg
Asklepios Hospital Heidberg Hamburg
Asklepios Hospital Heidberg Hamburg

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Heidberg Hamburg is part of one of the largest medical centers in the region and consists of 14 departments with 795 beds. In particular, the quality of provided services is assessed annually by the Food Safety Institute, TUV SUD Group, and recertification according to ISO. What is unique is that the operating rooms are equipped with special sensors and artificial intelligence for transparency of sterility tracking in cooperation with the DARVIS company. As a result, 80,000 patients who annually choose the medical center can be sure of infectious safety and high-quality treatment.

The clinic supports an active social and educational life. For example, charity gatherings for the Hands for Children eV association for children with disabilities and health lectures for residents are an integral part of the medical center. Also, the hospital annually cares for and treats children from crisis and military zones at its own expense. Affection, the best care, and ideal conditions for children gave the clinic a special award with the "Baby-Friendly" quality mark.

The hospital has numerous certified specialized centers. In particular, the center of interdisciplinary pain therapy constantly cooperates with anesthesiology and neurology, therapists, and orthopedists. Hamburg Asklepios Hospital Heidberg is the only one in Hamburg that has received the "Certkom - Qualified Pain Therapy" mark. In addition, the cardiac arrest center in Hamburg received the German Resuscitation Council quality mark for the first time. Also, the cardiac catheter laboratory was upgraded with 2D/3D and X-ray imaging. As a result, multimodal visualization of the heart in real-time allows for evaluating the picture for complex cardiac procedures, particularly valve repair. It is also essential that the doctors of the gastroenterology department are included in the list of the best doctors in the country. Maxillofacial and plastic surgeons for the eighth time and psychiatrists for the fourth time were recognized as the best by the same Focus magazine. Ophthalmologists have also repeatedly been included in this list for the best care of the retina and glaucoma. Also, maxillofacial surgeons are the owners of the "Humanitarian Award" for exceptionally great voluntary dedication to medicine. It is important to note that Asklepios Clinic Heidberg in Hamburg is also famous for its hernia surgery. The cure's extraordinary diligence and high efficiency have been marked by the seal "Guaranteed quality of hernia surgery" of the German Hernia Society. The certificate of interventional radiology indicates the high diagnostic ability of the hospital.

The unique and exemplary Asklepios Medical Center Heidberg Hamburg offers children and adults a wide range of services. In particular, cardiac, gastroenterological, oncological, neurological, and orthopedic diseases are treated conservatively and surgically. In addition, geriatric and diabetic conditions are also supported in multidisciplinary surgery.

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80,000 patients
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Is the clinic suitable for treating the elderly?

The hospital is an ideal place to treat geriatric patients thanks to 25 years of experience, high efficiency, and a multidisciplinary integrated approach. In addition, the unique therapeutic garden in the geriatric clinic is a nice bonus for gait training.

Does the medical center accept children?

The clinic is recognized as child-friendly according to WHO and UNICEF criteria. Departments of neonatology and pediatric intensive care, pediatric and fetal surgery of various degrees of complexity, and polytrauma provide a full range of services under one roof.

Should I choose Asklepios Hospital Heidberg Hamburg for trauma cure?

The clinic is the first in the country to be recognized as a center of excellence for geriatric trauma by the Federal Geriatrics Association and German Society. The additional certification as a national trauma center guarantees high treatment efficiency.

Do the best doctors in Germany work at the base of the medical center?

The hospital employs ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, plastic and maxillofacial surgeons, dentists, implantologists, and psychiatrists who have been repeatedly awarded the "Best Doctors of Germany", according to Focus magazine.

About the city

Hamburg is the second-largest metropolis in Germany, located on the banks of the Elbe. It is one of the wealthiest cities in the country, the largest port, and a real "Gateway to the World." Hamburg has been a center of European trade since it joined the Hanseatic League in the Middle Ages. The maritime spirit and traditions of the Hanse permeate Hamburg through and through: from architecture and sights to culture, food, and the cries of seagulls in the streets.

Most of the sights of Hamburg are concentrated in the central part of the city, bounded from the south by the Elbe and its channels, and from all other sides by the city ramparts. The city's symbol is a 132-meter tower called Michael, belonging to the church of St. Michael. The city is rich in its cultural heritage, which visitors can find in its museums, theatres, cathedrals, and churches. Hamburg has more than 40 theatres and 50 museums of various kinds. In addition, the city has more parks and squares than any other city in Germany. Regarding the number of bridges, Hamburg ranks first in Europe, as there are more than 2,300 bridges in the city.

Many types of industries thrive in Hamburg. Among them are chemical, oil, electrical, and many others. Hamburg is also home to the headquarters of many world-famous trading firms, banks, insurance, and economic organizations. Hamburg is rightly called the media capital of Germany. After all, it is here that the famous publishing houses of the socio-political press "Stern" and "Spiegel" are located. Particular attention is paid to the healthcare system, so the city has much developed public and private medical institutions. For example, University Hospital Hamburg-Eppendorf is the largest provider of medical services in Europe and annually treats more than half a million patients.

A visit to Hamburg is an unexpectedly vivid and memorable experience. The city perfectly combines old traditions and the modern rhythm of life. Guests can enjoy excellent cuisine, a wide variety of museums and galleries, concerts, and festivals. Hamburg leaves behind only the most pleasant memories and the desire to return again and again.

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