Asklepios Hospital Germersheim

Germersheim, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Germersheim
Asklepios Hospital Germersheim
Asklepios Hospital Germersheim

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Germersheim is a multidisciplinary private clinic that has been operating since 1965 and actively developing the main field of orthopedic treatment. Annually, the medical center serves 7,500 patients on 134 beds. The entire personnel staff is 650 employees.

Due to a highly qualified team and high-performance indicators compared to other clinics, the medical center was certified as an endoprosthesis center in 2015. Furthermore, ClarCert's annual monitoring audit did not reveal any deviations in orthopedic patients' treatment quality. The German Society of Traumatology Surgery also expressed its recognition. Therefore, since 2016, the department has been certified as a local trauma center and is part of the "Pfalz" trauma network, which includes 9 regional clinics.

In particular, patients can treat all acute and chronic injuries of the musculoskeletal system caused by an accident or overuse thanks to osteosynthesis, reconstruction of the musculoskeletal system, and minimal arthroscopy. As a result, doctors have experienced recovering from severe injuries with the high achievement of positive results in a short time. In addition, thanks to such specialization, early neurological rehabilitation of patients with lost movement or swallowing skills remains relevant. It also contributed to developing emergency medical care and acquiring a portable ultrasound machine for preclinical diagnostics and a mechanical resuscitation device. Also of note is the hospital's certification in 2014 as one of the first 13 certified competence centers for hernia surgery in Germany. Both hernia surgery and general, oncological, and gynecological surgery are based on laparoscopic procedures due to the excellent cosmetic effect and the absence of significant blood loss. As an additional treatment, the Asklepios Clinic in Germersheim has a geriatric department available, and a new psychosomatic cure department was opened in 2019.

Germersheim Asklepios Medical Center offers a wide range of services for orthopedic, cardiology, neurology, gynecology, and ENT patients. Services are available both on an outpatient basis and on an inpatient basis.

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Founded in 1965
7,500 patients
134 beds available
N/A department

Should I choose Asklepios Hospital Germersheim for geriatrics?

The clinic has a special department for treating elderly patients with various specialists. This approach helps solve complex health problems within one treatment without moving and additional efforts.

Do otolaryngologists of the clinic perform outpatient surgeries?

Otolaryngologists provide surgical services in outpatient and inpatient settings, depending on the complexity of the disease. Proper care, rehabilitation, and high-quality results are guaranteed in both cases.

Are gynecological services available at the hospital?

Gynecologists, surgeons, and oncologists work together to properly care for patients with diseases of the female system, including inflammatory, malignant, and urgent, and also help with urological difficulties.

About the city

Germersheim is a city of approximately 20,000 inhabitants in the German region of Rhineland-Palatinate. It is located on the left coast of the Rhine and is particularly favorable for year-round tourism due to its mild climate with almost snow-free winters.

The municipality has multiple offers for tourists in the form of museums and historical architecture. Special attention is paid to the Germersheim fortress, where you can visit the "Fronte Lamot" park, the armory with the Museum on German Street, and the "Karnotsky Wall", barracks, and isolation cells. In addition, the town is decorated with the steeples of the old churches of St. James from 1280 and the Protestant Church of Reconciliation from 1784. The many parks, Fronte Beckers, Fronte Lamotte, and Ludwigspark, are places for active local recreation with numerous entertainment options and delicious cafes. The swan pond near the municipality center smoothly transitions into the Zondernheim local recreation area. Germersheim hosts Germany's most significant specialty bike fair, outdoor summer festival, and local food fairs yearly.

Today, the city is famous for producing container glass Ardagh Glass Germany and manages the giant warehouse of the automotive industry. In addition, tourism is actively developed in the city thanks to the Fronte Beckers pedestrian house, which was inaugurated in 1974, and the Sondernheim lock. In addition, Germersheim has the Wrede Sports Center and the Asklepios Hospital Germersheim in the former district hospital.

Germersheim's unbelievably beautiful fortress city is a suitable place for a European cultural vacation with family or friends.

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