Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder

Birkenwerder, Germany
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Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder
Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder
Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder

About the hospital

Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder has a wealth of experience and was opened in 1898 as a sanatorium. Subsequently, the medical center was remodeled and reorganized. The orthopedic practice has also been in the clinic for about 70 years, which is currently one of the main treatment areas. Сertification from the German Diabetes Association (DDG) recognized the diabetology department as an inpatient facility for foot care. In addition, the "Focus" journal recognized the hospital as the "Best National Diabetic Hospital" and "Best Diabetic Foot Treatment Center".

About 10,000 patients are treated annually in the medical center equipped with 142 beds. In addition, 60 beds and 4 operating rooms are allocated for orthopedics and traumatology, and the department is filled with neurosurgery specialists, surgeons, and physiotherapists.

About 500 patients undergo spine surgery yearly at the Birkenwerder Asklepios Hospital. The certified endoprosthetic center EPZ Birkenwerder serves more than 600 patients. In addition to implanting small and large joints, doctors perform minimally invasive and arthroscopic cures of shoulder, hip, knee, and ankle joint injuries. More than 400 reconstructive procedures on the shoulder joint, more than 200 procedures on the hip joint, and more than 300 on the knee joint annually with high efficiency gain invaluable knowledge to improve existing remedy methods. Along with the advanced treatment of the diabetic foot, endocrinologists ensure the normalization of glucose levels, which is the basis for preventing complications in the future. Also, the medical center reduces insulin dosage due to training in the proper use and application of the latest modified drugs. Likewise, surgery in vascular diseases allows patients to receive high-quality therapy for varicose veins, chronic wounds, impaired arterial blood circulation, carotid surgery, and aortic aneurysms. The most excellent attention is paid to percutaneous catheter techniques to bypass complex open operations. This approach avoids significant trauma, general anesthesia, and prolonged rehabilitation. In addition, catheter-based surgical interventions have greater accuracy due to intraoperative imaging.

Highly qualified and professional specialists of the Asklepios Clinic in Birkenwerder offer proper diagnosis, cure, and rehabilitation of patients with injuries and damage to the musculoskeletal system and vascular and diabetic illnesses. International recognition and numerous certifications guarantee the quality and safety of treatment.

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Founded in 1898
10,000 patients
142 beds available
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Is the clinic the best for diabetic foot treatment in Germany?

The medical center leads the ratings of German institutions of Focus magazine treating diabetic foot and diabetes. A multidisciplinary team, advanced technologies, and well-known experience in orthopedics provide comprehensive assistance to the patient for faster recovery.

Should I choose a medical center for endoprosthesis?

For more than 70 years, the clinic has had experience in the treatment of injuries and chronic degenerative diseases of bones and joints. In addition, the hospital was certified by the German Society of orthopedics and orthopedic surgery for a high level of treatment efficiency.

Does Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder offer aortic aneurysm treatment?

After a detailed study of the disease structure, thanks to CT angiography, vascular surgeons can plan the surgical intervention of an aortic aneurysm in two ways and choose the best one: minimally invasive surgery through tiny incisions or open surgery.

About the city

Birkenwerder is a town in the German state of Brandenburg with residents of 8,200. Rich in history and traditions, the municipality is ideal for a European vacation.

The city is located in the natural area of ​​the Cedenik-Spandau-Hafel lowland. In addition, a large part of the territory is occupied by a forest with a developed network of footpaths, especially near the Brize and Brizese rivers. The streets are filled with single-family houses, delicious cafes, restaurants, and local organic shops. The special attention of tourists is attracted by the building of the town hall and the Evangelical church, which hold various classical music concerts, performances, and literary readings. In accumulation, the Waldhof Gallery and Galerie 47 inspire with classic and contemporary art exhibitions.

From 1840, Birkenwerder received its most significant development thanks to constructing a brick factory. However, the city was also famous for sanatorium-resort treatment and medical practice. In 1898, a sanatorium was opened here, which later became a military hospital. Victor Aronstein, a famous German doctor of Jewish origin, also practiced in this sanatorium in 1928. Subsequently, in 1952, the clinic received the name "Orthopedic Sanatorium". Finally, in 1992, it was reorganized into Asklepios Hospital Birkenwerder.

The cozy and tidy town of Birkenwerder is gaining more and more popularity both for its extraordinary nature and its wellness offers. The feeling of rest outside the city allows guests to get harmony and peace.

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