American Hospital Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey
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American Hospital Bodrum
American Hospital Bodrum
American Hospital Bodrum

About the hospital

American Hospital Bodrum is a modern medical centre that combines the latest technology with an innovative approach to medical services and meets the expectations of the 21st century in healthcare. The clinic serves Bodrum residents as well as foreign and local visitors. In 2019, the hospital began to provide medical services, occupying the territory of the former Bodrum hospital, founded in 1997. Here, residents and vacationers are treated safely and always feel at home.

The medical centre has 26 patient rooms, seven intensive care beds, six emergency departments, 13 consultation rooms and two modern operating rooms. The clinic is designed in light, pleasant colours for greater patient comfort.

The American Hospital has reformed transparent and reliable patient care in value by combining innovative approaches with modern technology. The emergency department has a conventional radiology and ultrasound room. The MRI and CT areas are also located next to the emergency service. Unlike many other hospitals, Bodrum American Hospital offers MRI, tomography and ultrasound with expert radiology commentary 24 hours a day. In addition, the clinic pays special attention to aesthetic surgery and cosmetology. The plastic and reconstructive surgery department, with its world-renowned specialist doctors, performs all the procedures that can be completed in the field of plastic surgery in the world, using the most advanced medical and surgical approaches from a scientific and ethical point of view. Thanks to such opportunities and academic productivity, the clinic is at the forefront of Turkey and the world.

American Hospital in Bodrum provides modern medical services, particularly gastroenterology and hepatology, neurology, psychiatry, otolaryngology, nephrology and urology, cardiology and endocrinology. Highly educated staff in all areas of medicine with an openness to innovation are committed to professional ethics, principles of truthfulness and respect for patient's rights in the hospital. The cornerstone of the approach is the sincere compassion that healthcare professionals have for all patients. Bodrum American Hospital remains the preferred healthcare provider in Bodrum, harmonizing the quality of patient care, staff, diagnostic technology and medical algorithms with the local warmth of Bodrum.

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Founded in 1997
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Can I receive a cancer diagnosis at American Hospital Bodrum?

The oncology department provides world-class services. Diagnosis and treatment of all types of cancer are carried out using an interdisciplinary approach involving all specialised departments of the hospital.

Is the hospital a good place for plastic surgery in Turkey?

The hospital offers a whole range of plastic surgery operations including rhinoplasty, facelift, breast augmentation and tummy tuck. Doctors combine the latest surgical techniques with world-recognized implants.

Is it possible to have a complete body check-up at the clinic?

The American Hospital of Bodrum conducts annual medical examinations of patients. The medical team prepares Check-Up programs according to the personal risks and needs of the patient, in collaboration with various hospital departments.

About the city

One of the most popular resorts, Bodrum, is located on the picturesque coast of the Aegean Sea. Pebble and sandy beaches, blue water of the Aegean Sea, lush vegetation, ideal climate and comfortable infrastructure attract tourists worldwide. Ancient mansions, majestic churches and the remains of medieval fortresses await lovers of exciting excursions here.

The first thing tourists should know about Bodrum is that in 2006 the New York Times called it the Turkish version of Saint Tropez. Although the city has become a decidedly sophisticated destination for some of Hollywood's biggest stars in recent years, the diverse peninsula boasts sleepy villages, hidden bays lined with pine and citrus hills, and beautiful beaches. Homer describes Bodrum as the "Land of Eternal Blue". A spectacular medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes guards the entrance to the dazzling blue bay of Bodrum, where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. Bodrum also has plenty of historical attractions, such as St. Peter's Castle, which houses a museum of underwater archaeology with unique exhibits discovered during dives in the wrecks of ancient ships. Also interesting is the mausoleum of King Mausolus, the oldest monument of Bodrum.

Bodrum is located in the southwestern province of Mugla, Turkey, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, on the west coast, often referred to as the Turquoise Coast. The primary industry of Bodrum is tourism. With large expanses of fertile farmland outside the bustling resorts, the surrounding villages are also famous for tangerines, grapes, olives, oranges and cotton. Bodrum has an excellent climate, a beautiful coastline and many areas recognized as landmarks or significant historical interest. Another reason for the large number of visitors to Bodrum is the development of medical tourism. The private American Hospital Bodrum offers world-class medical services and an internationally recognized medical team. 

Bodrum is a unique beach holiday and vibrant nightlife. It fascinates, makes guests fall in love with yourself and remains in your memory for a long time.

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