Adult Nutrition Schoen Clinic York

York, UK
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Adult Nutrition Schoen Clinic York
Adult Nutrition Schoen Clinic York
Adult Nutrition Schoen Clinic York

About the hospital

Adult Nutrition Schoen Clinic York is a highly specialized inpatient hospital for patients with eating disorders. The clinic is world-renowned in treating eating disorders in adult patients over 18. The medical team's goal is not only to treat patients effectively but also to educate people to recognize the disease as early as possible.

Schoen Clinic York is located on the ground floor of Minster Grange and consists of 15 permanent en-suite bedrooms, quiet, welcoming common areas, an occupational therapy kitchen, a daily lounge, a quiet room, and a soothing talk therapy room. Patients also have access to landscaped gardens that are safe, secure and private. The hospital has a qualified team of nurses who accompany patients at all stages of treatment and surround them with care and support.

The Schoen Clinic approach uses a recovery-focused model that includes physical stabilization, life skills, improved self-awareness and group and individual therapy sessions. Doctors specialize in treating anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and compulsive overeating. The specialists also provide a wide range of helpful advice for those experiencing anxiety, depression and other mood disorders. The excellent work of the Eating Disorders Specialist Group is recognized with many awards and accolades every year. In addition, every year, Schoen Clinic York inspects by the Service Quality Commission and proves the high level of medical services.

The multidisciplinary team works closely with their patients in a proven treatment program that ultimately aims to help them recover and regain independence. Doctors create an open-minded, caring, safe, curious and empathetic environment and allow patients to explore their sense of self, difficulties and relationships.

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Founded in 2019
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What is the primary focus of the hospital?

The clinic's medical team treats adults with eating disorders and related mental health problems. A multidisciplinary team of physicians collaborates to develop a comprehensive treatment plan to return patients to a variety of healthy nutrition and enjoying food and to address mineral and nutrient deficiencies.

Can patients from abroad be treated in Nutrition Schoen Clinic York?

The medical centre receives patients from all over the world. A doctor can refer a patient to a hospital privately or through the NHS. The medical team creates an open, caring, safe, inquisitive environment for all patients in a clinic with the highest quality of care and high recovery outcomes.

Does the medical centre accept children?

The clinic directs its focus on diseases of adulthood for the best treatment and implementation of world-class methods for treating bulimia nervosa, anorexia nervosa and compulsive overeating.

About the city

York is one of England's most attractive and charming cities, located in the stunning county of Yorkshire by the River Ouse. According to the British edition of The Sunday Times, York is the best place to live in the whole of the UK. The city offers a rich cultural heritage of the Romans, festivals, the famous Yorkshire pudding, and getting to know the locals.

Major tourist attractions lie within the city walls, including the Cathedral, Jorvik Centre, York Castle Museum, and Clifford's Tower. York has miles of intact city walls than anywhere else in England, and sections of the walls date back to Roman times. Within the walls of the northern capital of England are more than sixty museums, churches, historic buildings, and castles. The most notable Roman remains is the Polygonal Tower, which stands in the Museum's Gardens. The tower was built during the reign of Emperor Severus, who resided in York from 209 to 211 AD. The city's main symbol is York Cathedral - the largest Gothic building in England. It contains many cultural and historical treasures and half of the medieval stained glass in England.

York hosts events and festivals annually, showcasing different music, theatre, culture, food, and drink genres. York has a variety of eateries and bars to suit all tastes. The city has over 100 pubs, some hundreds of years old. There are also many places in York where guests can enjoy incredible nature. The most popular and favorite among tourists and locals is the York Museum Gardens botanical garden. The city is also famous for Adult Nutrition Schoen Clinic York. The medical center is world famous in the field of treatment of digestive disorders.

Once the capital of England, York is a much-loved destination, especially by students, offering a combination of a modern city in an ancient setting. York is proud of its status as Europe's oldest city and tourist destination, with over 3 million tourists visiting annually.

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