Acibadem Outpatient Clinic Bodrum

Bodrum, Turkey
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Acibadem Outpatient Clinic Bodrum
Acibadem Outpatient Clinic Bodrum
Acibadem Outpatient Clinic Bodrum

About the hospital

Acibadem Outpatient Clinic Bodrum was opened in Bodrum city centre in 2019 for 24/7 multidisciplinary service. The medical centre offers outpatient care from highly experienced doctors treating children and adults.

The private institution is part of the leading Acidabem network and cooperates with its specialists and hospitals to expand services and provide greater patient comfort. Round-the-clock services are especially relevant for emergency medical care and traumatology.

The most significant attention of doctors is paid to the treatment of children. Pulmonary function tests, allergy tests, and sweat tests allow for diagnosing and treating cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis, congenital anomalies, lung diseases of premature infants, and bronchiolitis from the youngest age. Hormonal disorders of the thyroid gland, delay in growth or sexual development are treated by highly experienced pediatric endocrinologists. A separate diabetes department uses modern technological capabilities and devices for more accurate insulin dosing and glucose control without constant punctures. In addition, active correction of nutrition and physical activity is used to manage symptoms better. Due to microvascular disturbances, endocrinologists work with ophthalmologists to examine the fundus. If necessary, the clinic's surgeons also work with the diabetic foot. Andrologists, gynaecologists and urologists are another example of interdisciplinary cooperation in infertility issues and apply the accurate diagnosis of possible causes in both women and men. Counselling the married couple reduces the time between the start of treatment and successful conception. Orthopedists and traumatologists actively use CT, MRI, and digital X-ray diagnostics to quickly make a decision on remedy.

Bodrum Acibadem Outpatient Medical Center has offices of ophthalmologists, gastroenterologists, urologists, psychiatrists, dentists, emergency medicine, paediatricians and dermatologists. Thanks to high-quality outpatient treatment and periodic screenings, doctors fulfil the most critical role - reduction in the need for inpatient treatment and prevent serious complications.

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Founded in 2019
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Can I treat depression at Acibadem Outpatient Clinic Bodrum?

The medical centre provides quality psychiatric services for patients with depression. Specialists combine various methods to reduce the dosage of antidepressants and actively help the patient to adapt to stressful situations and everyday life.

Should І choose the hospital for skin treatment?

The clinic is staffed by highly qualified dermatologists who carefully select home care and use a variety of treatments, including retinoids for rashes or monoclonal antibodies for autoimmune lesions. PRP therapy, peelings and beauty injections in mesotherapy help improve the skin's overall condition.

Does the clinic accept children?

The medical centre takes exceptional care of the tiniest patients and considers the need for constant monitoring of the child's development and detection of diseases in the early stages. A wide laboratory panel and diagnostic technologies allow screening of various body systems at any age.

About the city

One of the most popular resorts, Bodrum, is located on the picturesque coast of the Aegean Sea. Pebble and sandy beaches, blue water of the Aegean Sea, lush vegetation, ideal climate and comfortable infrastructure attract tourists worldwide. Ancient mansions, majestic churches and the remains of medieval fortresses await lovers of exciting excursions here.

The first thing tourists should know about Bodrum is that in 2006 the New York Times called it the Turkish version of Saint Tropez. Although the city has become a decidedly sophisticated destination for some of Hollywood's biggest stars in recent years, the diverse peninsula boasts sleepy villages, hidden bays lined with pine and citrus hills, and beautiful beaches. Homer describes Bodrum as the "Land of Eternal Blue". A spectacular medieval castle built by the Knights of Rhodes guards the entrance to the dazzling blue bay of Bodrum, where the Aegean and Mediterranean seas meet. Bodrum also has plenty of historical attractions, such as St. Peter's Castle, which houses a museum of underwater archaeology with unique exhibits discovered during dives in the wrecks of ancient ships. Also interesting is the mausoleum of King Mausolus, the oldest monument of Bodrum.

Bodrum is located in the southwestern province of Mugla, Turkey, on the shores of the Aegean Sea, on the west coast, often referred to as the Turquoise Coast. The primary industry of Bodrum is tourism. With large expanses of fertile farmland outside the bustling resorts, the surrounding villages are also famous for tangerines, grapes, olives, oranges and cotton. Bodrum has an excellent climate, a beautiful coastline and many areas recognized as landmarks or significant historical interest. Another reason for the large number of visitors to Bodrum is the development of medical tourism. The private American Hospital Bodrum offers world-class medical services and an internationally recognized medical team. 

Bodrum is a unique beach holiday and vibrant nightlife. It fascinates, makes guests fall in love with yourself and remains in your memory for a long time.

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