Acibadem Hospital Kocaeli-Izmit

Izmit, Turkey
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Acibadem Hospital Kocaeli-Izmit
Acibadem Hospital Kocaeli-Izmit
Acibadem Hospital Kocaeli-Izmit

About the hospital

Acibadem Hospital Kocaeli-Izmit is the sixth hospital of the Acıbadem Healthcare Group and has been operating since 2006. The diversity of nature and fresh air contribute to a better mood for patients and the atmosphere of a resort vacation. The chambers' windows overlook the marble sea and the park, and the national forest reserve is nearby.

The clinic is designed for 61 beds on a territory of 6,500 m². The close location to the capital of Turkey facilitates strong cooperation with the most prominent hospitals in the network. Doctors offer intensive care 24/7, not only for adults but also for newborns. Thanks to bedside monitoring, digital X-ray, ultrasound and EEG, diagnosis is possible within the same department to reduce the risk of infection. Multidisciplinary treatment is supported by specialists from different departments, paediatricians and neonatologists.

In addition, various urological treatment services are also available. Minimally invasive TUR (transurethral resection) and laser (Greenlight Laser PVP/HPS, HoLEP) interventions are used for prostate enlargement. This approach reduces the period of preparation for surgery and quick recovery after. Also, the absence of incisions helps decline complications and the risk of urinary dysfunction. Ureteroscopy, ESWL, and percutaneous nephrolithotomy allow patients to get rid of stones in the urinary system without traumatizing the organs, which is crucial to prevent the need for retreatment. Urodynamic and radiological studies monitor urinary incontinence, such as nocturnal enuresis in children or urinary incontinence in women and spina bifida. Highly experienced andrologists perform the remedy of male infertility. The principle of minimally invasive and gentle cure is observed in every direction of therapy, even in aesthetic medicine. For example, the FUE technique allows a natural result from a hair transplant without any scar. In addition, closed rhinoplasty with internal incisions through the nostrils also provides the desired result without visible skin faults and excessive trauma.

Acibadem Kocaeli-Izmit Clinic has cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, urology, dentistry, anesthesiology, dietetics, neurosurgery, adult and child neurology, paediatrics, dermatology, plastic surgery and infectious diseases. General surgery, pulmonology, gynaecology and obstetrics continue the list of services. After each treatment, the patient can undergo highly effective rehabilitation for better health.

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Founded in 2006
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61 beds available
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Should I choose a clinic for hand surgery?

Thanks to microscopic surgery and intraoperative monitoring, hand operations are highly successful. High-precision X-rays, CTs and MRIs provide high-quality visualization and allow doctors to think through each surgery course and complex treatment.

Does Acibadem Hospital Kocaeli-Izmit treat obesity?

The medical centre offers a multifaceted approach to obesity in union with endocrinologists, therapists, nutritionists and surgeons. Considering the importance of psychological support after bariatric surgery and skin tightening after rapid weight loss, the patient receives advice from relevant specialists.

Do I have to wait a long time to receive treatment?

The high-tech departments and gentle methods of surgery, as well as the cooperation of various specialists at the same time, make it possible to quickly perform treatment in the shortest possible time. Thus, patients can receive the chance to be hospitalized without big waiting lists.

About the city

Izmit is a coastal city in Kocaeli, Turkey, with a population of 360,000 people and is located in the Catalca-Kocaeli district of the Marmara Region on the eastern coast of the Gulf of Izmit. It can be considered one of Turkey's most important transit points with land, rail, sea, and air routes. The mountains of the town are covered with forests. The rich vegetation features the Mediterranean and the Black Sea regions.

Arriving in the city, the first thing that catches your eye is an incredible view of the mountains across the bay. Marine motifs and limitless recreation areas with delicious food are the undisputed winners in entertainment for guests. After the rich coastal walks, it is worth visiting the Kocaeli Archaeological and Ethnographic Museum and the TCG Diligence museum ship built in the USA as a warship. Museums are impressed with their rich exhibition, scale, and exclusive curiosities. In addition, ancient mosques and historic houses are scattered along the streets, which are especially pleasant to look at during an evening walk.

Significant industrialization began in Izmit after the proclamation of the Republic. Five industrial facilities and several factories are still operating in the city. Thanks to its transport connections, the town is famous for its trade and number of banking institutions. The medical business is also flourishing in the city, one of whose representatives is VM Medical Park Hospital Kocaeli Izmit. With its hotel service and modernity, the clinic won the hearts of many residents and is the choice of foreign clients.

Izmit has an atmosphere of Turkish recreation, friendliness, and rapid development. The city combines cultural, natural, and business spheres, which satisfies the desires of the most demanding tourists.

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