Acibadem Hospital Kayseri

Kayseri, Turkey
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Acibadem Hospital Kayseri
Acibadem Hospital Kayseri
Acibadem Hospital Kayseri

About the hospital

Acibadem Hospital Kayseri was founded in 1924. As part of the leading private medical "Acibadem" network clinic started accepting patients again in 2009. The medical centre offers services to local and foreign clients, thanks to authorization from JCI. Also, the high quality of services is assessed by the ISO organization.

The hospital's building has been restored using innovative smart home technology. High-tech departments are located in a closed area of ​​22,000 square meters and accommodate 104 beds, 6 surgery and 28 intensive care beds. In addition, intensive care units and emergency rooms are equipped with the latest technology. Particular awareness is paid to the comfort of patients with disabilities: separate wards with individual solutions in the form of a bedside call button, handrails, ramps and round-the-clock nursing care.

Acibadem Сlinic in Kayseri offers the treatment of neurological diseases such as Parkinson's disease, essential tremor or Tourette's syndrome through percutaneous minimally invasive deep brain stimulation. In addition, modern GammaKnife and CyberKnife effectively fight brain tumours with the radiological method to preserve essential body functions. A sleep laboratory allows somnologists to correct the symptoms of night apnea thanks to CPAP and, together with endocrinologists, to simultaneously reduce obesity and the consequences of diabetes (which are often combined with severe sleep disorders). Thanks to cooperation with the network's certified laboratory and high-precision imaging equipment, doctors could conduct check-ups. In particular, the hospital's attention is drawn to the early detection of Crohn's disease and non-specific ulcerative colitis. Modern CT, MRI, endoscopic procedures and tests are carried out under one roof, allowing the patient to conclude the condition quickly. The advantage of endoscopy at Kayseri Acibadem Center is medicated sleep during the procedure, high-quality equipment with high-resolution cameras, and the possibility of simultaneously removing or sampling suspicious areas of the intestine for biopsy. In the case of cancer, the patient receives a detailed oncologist's consultation on the spot, psychological support and can start treatment conveniently. This approach contributes to adherence to therapy and better therapy efficiency because the earlier the start of the remedy, the less likely metastases will occur. The separate oncoradiology centre within the clinic offers radiation cure with intensity modules IMRT (Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy) and IGRT (Image Guided Radiotherapy), which have less toxicity for the body.

In addition to the treatment of oncological and neurological diseases, the doctors of Acibadem Hospital in Kayseri offer services in cardiology and vascular surgery, dermatology, traumatology and orthopaedics, infection treatment, endocrinology and paediatrics. Gastrointestinal, thoracic, genitourinary, blood and screenings are also available. Rehabilitation and prevention of complications, analgesia, psychological support and nutritional advice are included in each treatment case.

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Founded in 1924
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104 beds available
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Should I choose the clinic for check-ups?

Doctors offer a comprehensive health screening program with laboratory tests for oncological markers, endoscopic and radiological imaging, and a detailed study of complaints during a physical examination. In addition, the research is conducted not by a single specialist but by a team of specialists.

Does Acibadem Hospital Kayseri offer treatment for children?

Highly qualified paediatricians and children's specialists in allergology, surgery, cardiology and haematology work in the medical centre. The high technology of operating rooms, therapeutic wards and various diagnostic possibilities make it possible to receive patients from the youngest age.

Does the hospital perform joint replacement?

The clinic carries out a joint replacement with a high-efficiency percentage and ensures fast rehabilitation. Additional endoscopic arthroscopy and imaging may be performed beforehand.

About the city

Kayseri is the largest city in Turkey and the industrial centre of Central Anatolia. The history of Kayseri is 6000 years old. Once, it was the only one in the world centre of economy and trade. 

The city is most appreciated for its nature. Kayseri is one of the regions of Turkey with downhill skiing. In addition, from the point of view of health tourism, it is suitable for health and winter sports due to its clean and mild air and abundant natural mineral water sources. The 850,000 square meters of Kıranard Urban Forest is equipped with sports and walking areas and restaurants. The Kapuzbashi waterfall is located on the Enseninye hill and is simply a real miracle and belongs to the number of the most unusual waterfalls in Turkey. The cool fresh air from the cascading waterfalls is good for the lungs, and the water itself is delicious and is used by a famous Turkish mineral water brand. Sultan Reeds are one of the few bird sanctuaries in the world. So far, 251 species of birds have been found here. The Koramaz Valley was formed as a result of an earthquake rupture. In 2020, UNESCO included the valley in the Tentative World Heritage List.

The healing properties of the surrounding nature and reforms in Turkish medicine contributed to the development of many medical centres: Memorial Kayseri Hospital, Acibadem Hospital Kayseri, City Research Hospital and others. Turkey's experience in high-quality hotel service, the high level of training of medical specialists and the introduction of high standards in the field of medicine are attractive to patients from all over the world. Among the most popular areas are infertility, oncology and cardiovascular surgery.

The rich nature and diversity of quality medicine are the attractive highlight, which contributes to the pleasure and shortest time to recover patients and choose medical centres in Kayseri.

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