Acibadem Hospital Bursa

Bursa, Turkey
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Acibadem Hospital Bursa
Acibadem Hospital Bursa
Acibadem Hospital Bursa

About the hospital

Acibadem Hospital Bursa was opened in 2006 in the Turkish city of Bursa, among numerous parks in a modern building. The clinic's structure is divided into multiple highly specialized centres, allowing for greater privacy and infection control.

Within 30,000 m², there are 91 beds, 42 intensive care beds, 7 operating rooms, and 1 IVF room. The emergency department consists of separate DSA coronary and radiotherapy rooms. In addition, there are 5 incubators, 7 breathing machines and 3 phototherapy machines in the neonatal ward.

The high technology of the medical centre contributes to its international popularity. Gastroenterologists, oncologists, traumatologists, surgeons and cardiologists use the latest models of CT and MRI, mammography with the option of tomosynthesis, and digital angiography. The transplant centre has a high patient survival rate compared to the average. Intensive therapy development contributes to patients' adequate life support while waiting for a suitable donor. International cooperation with registries makes it possible to shorten the period between queuing and carrying out the operation. Careful post-transplantation care and modern immunosuppressive therapy bear fruit. General surgery and oncology are distinguished by the high skill of using the DaVinci robot for high-precision removal of benign and malignant tumours. With a linear accelerator, TrueBeam has also improved treatment with the possibility of simultaneous visualization control with one device. Gastroenterological services include modern treatment methods for chronic diseases and hepato-pancreato-biliary surgery in acute conditions or on a planned basis. Endoscopic procedures allow the intervention through several small incisions with a reduced risk of infection and adhesion disease. Ophthalmic surgery is increasingly turning to FDA-approved Light Touch CK and the latest laser LASIK techniques to correct vision without trauma to the eye.

Doctors diagnose and treat the cardiovascular, endocrine and digestive systems, as organs of the nervous and visual systems. General, maxillofacial, neurosurgery and liver and kidney transplants, pediatric care, artificial insemination, emergency medicine and intensive care expand the medical centre's list of services. In addition, dermatology, plastic surgery and dentistry are available parallel to the primary treatment. JCI awarded the clinic a gold quality certificate, and the hospital uses this opportunity for even faster development.

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Founded in 2006
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91 beds available
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Does the clinic provide plastic surgery services?

Highly qualified surgeons offer nose correction, body and face skin tightening, bariatric surgery and breast augmentation services. The multidisciplinary team offers a comprehensive approach to looking at age-related changes.

Does the clinic use a DaVinci for prostate treatment?

Surgeons use robotic surgery to treat benign prostatic hyperplasia and malignant tumours. The innovative approach promotes maximum preservation of healthy tissues and quick recovery.

Is the waiting list long at Acibadem Hospital Bursa?

Due to the high organization and clear structure of doctors' work, the medical centre ensures the rapid allocation of patients to the necessary specialized centre.

About the city

Bursa is a beautiful city in northwestern Turkey, the fourth largest in the country. The city is located between the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara and the winter resorts in the Uludag Mountains. Bursa also was the capital of the Ottoman Empire, a city with a rich historical and cultural heritage. Most of the monuments belong to the early period of the Ottoman Empire. Bursa is famous for its historical atmosphere, peaches, chestnuts, and silk. Ancient Seljuk and Ottoman settlements are included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites list.

Bursa is an ancient city that combines a historical atmosphere and modernity. The heart of the old town is the area from the square with the Equestrian Statue of Ataturk to the Silk Bazaar and the Ulu-Kami Mosque. Ulu-Kami, or the Great Mosque, is one of the most important historical structures of Bursa and the most exciting sights of the city. It was built in 1399 and is one of Anatolia's most outstanding examples of Seljuk religious architecture.

Many travelers prefer to diversify their vacation in Bursa by shopping and going to the famous silk market. It is a real oriental bazaar where the aromas of coffee, spices, and sweets are in the air. Once upon a time, Silk Road passed in the city, and today the ancient building of Ottoman architecture houses numerous pavilions offering silk scarves for every taste. In 2017, Medicana Hospital Bursa was opened in the city, which provides first-class medical services to the residents of Bursa and the surrounding regions. The medical center is one of the most advanced in the country due to its technical infrastructure and professional academic staff.

Bursa is one of the best Turkey cities that can be visited all year round. In the off-season, guests of the city can enjoy the comfortable weather and explore the sights of the city and the region. In the summer - tourists also can go to the mountains or the coast of the Sea of ​​Marmara, and in the winter - to the winter resorts of Uludag.

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