Acibadem Hospital Ankara

Ankara, Turkey
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Acibadem Hospital Ankara
Acibadem Hospital Ankara
Acibadem Hospital Ankara

About the hospital

Acibadem Hospital Ankara is a multidisciplinary medical centre with 10 years of experience diagnosing and treating children and adults. During its existence, highly qualified doctors, luxury service and constant investment have allowed the clinic to receive a JCI gold certificate and to be evaluated according to ISO 9001 quality standards.

The medical centre is located in an area of ​​11,000 m² and provides services with 103 beds and 4 operating rooms. Modern technologies are a substantial advantage of the institution: 3D visualization for biopsy and the Da Vinci robot allow the hospital to have one of the highest results in the surgical treatment of the prostate.

Neurosurgery is one of the leading areas of the Acibadem Clinic Ankara, thanks to PET/CT, non-invasive CyberKnife and GammaKnife, intraoperative monitoring, and microscopic neuroendoscopic technologies. Deep brain stimulation helps achieve high results in treating Parkinson's disease, tremors, seizures, Tourette's syndrome, obsessive-compulsive disorder, depression and epilepsy. In addition, specialists offer gait restoration thanks to careful treatment selection after 3D motion analysis with infrared and DV cameras. The ophthalmology department uses numerous low-traumatic techniques that do not require extensive resources for preparation and recovery, such as laser technologies (excimer, argon), corneal transplants and Light Touch keratoplasty, phacoemulsification (FAKO) and femtosecond laser (for cataract treatment). The pediatric service is well developed and offers high-tech brainstem audiometry (ERA) and autoacoustic emission tests for screening in hearing evaluation, especially in the neonatal period. Breast cancer screening and treatment have one of the highest quality levels in the region. Digital mammography with 3D tomosynthesis, 4D ultrasound and biopsy equipment determines the presence of the disease at a stage when there are still no symptoms. In addition, plastic surgeons, radiologists, geneticists, oncologists, psychologists, nutritionists and rehabilitators work closely to achieve the best result even in the most challenging cases. The CyberKnife, Varian Trilogy Linear Accelerator and Varian DHX RapidArc eliminate the need for a breast incision to remove the tumour.

Doctors provide 24-hour emergency care, pediatric and adult surgery, general medicine and paediatrics, gastroenterology, treatment of chest and eye diseases, infectious diseases and genitourinary disorders, ENT (ear, nose and throat), neurology, radiology and intensive care. In addition, the Ankara Acibadem Hospital also offers services in proctology, sleep laboratory, hair transplantation, stomatology, audiology, and speech and voice disorders. Patient support at every stage and an individual approach is an integral part of clinical practice.

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Founded in 2012
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Should I choose a clinic for screening?

Doctors use laboratory tests that meet ISO standards and do not require a visit to another institution for a check-up. In addition, high-quality image is available under one, including three-dimensional scanning methods, whole-body MRI and Flash CT with a second duration and the lowest radiological burden.

Is Acibadem Hospital Ankara suitable for the treatment of urolithiasis?

The clinic performs percutaneous nephrolithotomy and stone crushing, which do not require incisions and promote a low level of trauma to the urinary tract, essential to reduce recurrence and risk of infection. In addition, doctors provide clear recommendations to avoid repeated interventions.

What methods of prostate treatment are used in the medical centre?

Da Vinci surgical robot, transurethral resection and holmium laser operations (HoLeP) allow for treating benign and malignant prostate diseases most gently. In addition, before surgery, a high-resolution biopsy can determine the best treatment.

About the city

Ankara is the majestic capital of Turkey and the second-largest city after Istanbul. Ankara is a well-known resort city that attracts travelers with unique architectural monuments, modern entertainment centers, and well-developed infrastructure. The city's name comes from angora, a soft fiber from the angora rabbit. Therefore, some animals bred in this area have become symbols of the town: Ankara cat, Ankara goat, and Ankara rabbit.

The city's most visited attraction is the Anitkabir Mausoleum, which harmoniously combines 22 buildings. Anitkabir is not only the mausoleum of Ataturk but also a museum, which is visited annually by about 3 million tourists worldwide. Ankara has many parks and open spaces, created mainly in the republic's early years, which have been well maintained and expanded ever since. Genchlik Park, the Botanical Garden, and Segmenler Park are the most essential and beautiful parks. Guests of the city usually like to visit the old shops on Cikrikcilar Yokusu (Weaver's Road) near Ulus, where travelers can find various things ranging from traditional fabrics to handmade carpets and leather goods.

The city is famous for its large number of mosques, one of which is the magnificent Kocatepe Mosque. The luxurious interior decoration of the Kocatepe is striking in its richness: marble, golden plates, unique decorative tiles, colorful stained-glass windows, and large crystal chandeliers. For tourists who love relaxing holidays, Ankara SPAs offer treatments such as hot springs, mineral water baths, mud, and aromatherapy. The health sector is also actively developing in the city. Ankara has the world-famous Memorial Hospital, Medicana International Hospital, and Medical Park Ankara Hospital. Medical centers accept patients not only from Turkey but also from many other countries.

Ankara is generally a formal city due to the parliament and heads of state. But Ankara has many fascinating museums and sights, a ski center nearby and great nightlife. From the first minutes, the city delights with its bright oriental color, which is in harmony with the noise of a vast metropolis.

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