Acibadem Hospital Adana

Adana, Turkey
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Acibadem Hospital Adana
Acibadem Hospital Adana
Acibadem Hospital Adana

About the hospital

Acibadem Hospital Adana is a leading private cancer centre with additional general departments and has been operating since 2009. The clinic has JCI gold standard international accreditation, which confirms the high quality of treatment and proper observance of high standards.

The medical centre building is located on the territory of 22,000 m² and consists of 105 beds, 28 intensive care beds and 6 surgical rooms. The scope of services includes both general and pediatric treatment. The most popular areas are oncology and cardiac surgery.

Doctors diagnose cancer in the most complicated cases thanks to ultrasound, MRI, CT, 3D mammography, PET-CT, and a three-dimensional imaging system for prostate biopsy. Oncological screening also offers detection of the disease in the early asymptomatic stages. In the possibility of a malignant lesion, the multidisciplinary team develops an individual treatment for each tumour, depending on the type, the presence of metastases, and the depth of the impression. First, doctors resort to drug treatment, such as chemotherapy, hormone therapy (in treating hormone-sensitive prostate and breast tumours), and more modern targeted biological and immunotherapy. Another stage of cure in Acibadem Сlinic in Adana is radiation medicine. The Trilogy linear accelerator is a breakthrough in the contemporary remedy and combines the imaging and stereotaxic technologies of SRT and SRS. In addition, oncologists have MR-LINAC, TrueBeam, and tomotherapy in their arsenal. In most cases, specialists use gentle surgical treatment methods and conservative treatment. High-precision, innovative CyberKnife and GammaKnife help doctors to affect oncology near vital organs or treat inoperable patients with a non-invasive surgical procedure. Intraoperative radiology improves the quality of interventions and helps to consolidate the result. In addition, doctors also deal with malignant haematological and autoimmune diseases with the support of bone marrow transplantation. The collection of bone marrow and stem cells takes place in the laboratories of Acıbadem Labcell with a cGMP accreditation certificate. High-quality surgery is also available for patients with cardiovascular disease. Robotic surgeons treat arrhythmias, patch holes in the heart, and perform coronary bypass surgery. Aneurysms and varicose veins dined with minimally invasive intravascular intervention without large incisions.

Adana Acibadem Medical Center offers advanced remedies for cancer and cardiovascular diseases and has excellent success in bone marrow transplantation, haematology, bariatrics, infertility treatment, perinatology and cosmetic dermatology. In addition, General and neurosurgery focus on gentle techniques to reduce the rehabilitation and the complications of infection or bleeding.

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Founded in 2009
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Is pediatric treatment available at Acibadem Hospital Adana?

Highly qualified paediatricians and specialists work in the clinic. The most significant focus of doctors is on bone marrow transplantation, treatment of haematological disorders and oncology. In particular, leukaemias and immunodeficiencies are treated.

Should I choose a clinic for obesity treatment?

The medical centre offers a comprehensive approach to the treatment of obesity. Counselling on the principles of healthy nutrition, psychological support, modern medical treatment and minimally invasive endoscopic bariatrics are used individually and in combination.

Does the clinic offer infertility treatment?

Modern artificial insemination technologies allow reproductive specialists effectively solve infertility. In addition, complex diagnostics enable doctors to determine the causes of the disorder and try to influence them without IVF. Finally, access to innovative cure methods contributes to a high success rate.

About the city

Adana is an ancient city located south of the Anatolian peninsula on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Town famous for its glorious history of more than 3,000 years: even Homer mentioned the city in the "Iliad". Currently, the population is more than 2 million people. The metropolis is one of the country's leading agricultural, commercial and cultural centers.

Adana has a Mediterranean climate and is surrounded by the Taurus and the Amanos mountains. Numerous historical, archaeological, and ethnographic museums are scattered among the majestic mosques and mansions throughout the city. In addition to cultural recreation, active entertainment and natural wellness are also available. Aladaglar, Karatepe-Aslantash National Parks and thermal waters encircle Adana and are very popular among tourists and residents. Furthermore, unforgettably beautiful excursion routes on both sides of the Seyhan River allow exploring the city and its surroundings. Also, international film festivals, carnivals, and the wealth of national cuisine are invaluable to your vacation in Adana.

Currently, Adana ranks 4th in the number of minerals in Turkey. Textile and leather industries are the primary industries. The TUYAP Congress Centre, numerous fairs, business conferences, and a wide selection of 5-star hotels make the city an excellent place for business. The city's infrastructure, tourism, and science development contributed to the rapid growth of medical tourism, primarily related to Acibadem Hospital Adana. The medical center covers the needs of the local population, accepts foreign patients, and is characterized by a high quality of service. The medical field has always been at the forefront of the city. Locals retell a legend about the regional doctor Lokman Hekim, who knew the language of plants and flowers and found a remedy for immortality. But God was angry with the doctor and blew the medicine notes over the bridge on the Ceyhan River. In addition, the oldest medical and pharmacy book in the world that has survived to this day was written in Adana by the military doctor Dioscorides. A copy of this book called Materna Medica is in Vienna. Another three-volume book, written on behalf of Kitabil Hashashi, is in the Topkapi Palace. This document describes diseases, side effects, and dosages of herbs and minerals.

The city of Adana harmoniously combines opportunities for unforgettable cultural recreation, outdoor entertainment, education, business, and treatment. Such contrasts are part of Turkish culture and always attract tourists from all over the world.

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