Department of palliative medicine

The department of palliative medicine at Academic Hospital Koblenz-Montabaur provides specialized medical care for people living with severe illnesses, such as cancer or heart failure. High-qualified doctors help patients gain the strength to carry on with daily life and improve patients' quality of life. Patients can request a palliative medical consultation at all departments of the hospital. The multi-professional palliative medical consultation service currently consists of a senior physician, palliative care nurses and social service staff. In addition, the consultation service establishes links with colleagues from the nursing and medical service who have already received additional training or who are interested in the subject.

Specialists take care of patients with various diseases such as heart disease, lung disease, kidney failure, cancer or AIDS. There are also regular multi-professional case reviews with colleagues from social services, psycho-oncology, pastoral care, physiotherapy, and, if necessary, speech therapy and oncological specialist nursing. The integration of the palliative care service into the treatment of all patients in the oncological centres is part of the holistic treatment concept. The palliative care physicians also take part in the in-house tumour conferences.

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