Department of diagnostic and interventional radiology, nuclear medicine

The department of diagnostic and interventional radiology, nuclear medicine at Academic Hospital Koblenz-Montabaur specialises in image-guided procedures to diagnose and treat various conditions. The department is one of the leading in its field of specialisation in Germany and has also gained an excellent reputation internationally. Interventional radiology offers patients the latest in minimally invasive therapy. Two state-of-the-art hybrid operating theatres are available for the treatment of the patients. The department conducts high-precision X-ray examinations using modern flat-panel X-ray machines and the latest CT scanners in diagnostic radiology. The latest computed tomography technologies allow doctors to carry out non-invasive diagnostics of diseases of the coronary arteries and cerebral vessels. Also, the diagnostic spectrum is complemented by all types of MRI studies.

The department examines the nervous system, skeletal bones, abdominal organs and blood vessels. In cooperation with colleagues in vascular surgery, combined interventions such as treating aneurysms in the abdominal artery and pelvic vessels are carried out here. Interventional endovascular therapy has become an essential part of vascular therapy using the latest medical technology and the development of ever-improving stents, catheters and balloons. Another essential part is radioisotope diagnostics and treatment (nuclear medicine). According to this direction, the department examines the brain, thyroid gland, salivary glands, lungs, kidneys, skeleton, and bladder.

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