Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode

Herzberg am Harz, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode
Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode
Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode is a modern facility operating since 2014 as part of the "Helios" network. The clinic received a training permit in cooperation with the academic teaching hospital of the Georg August University of Gottingen. The training provides the skills necessary for independent, comprehensive and process-oriented care, diagnosis and treatment of people of all ages in emergency, long-term inpatient and outpatient situations. Students have been repeatedly awarded the Fresenius Apprenticeship Award for outstanding achievements and extraordinary talents.

Immersed in national park greenery, the approvingly equipped hospital serves about 11,000 inpatients and about 24,000 outpatients, thanks to 500 professional employees. The hospital provides 214 beds in 7 high-tech departments. In 2014, the clinic got the "WE FOSTER RECOGNITION" quality mark for supporting employees in recognising and improving professional qualifications. 

For the past ten years, Herzberger-Osterode Academic Clinic Helios has been one of 100 hospitals allowed to have an honorary title, the "Baby Friendly Maternity Hospital" award. Thanks to many years of training, the staff's knowledge is at a high level and is reflected in breastfeeding statistics and the discussions and practical skills of mothers. The department of gynaecology and obstetrics passed the annual control audit of the TUV course of treatment "Pelvic floor reconstructive surgery and surgical treatment of urinary incontinence" for the most elevated level of competence, efficiency and medical quality in the industry. The clinic also supports modern treatment approaches and organises work for preparing surgical patients in orthopaedics thanks to "Curalie OR". This mobile application combines knowledge, relaxation techniques and movement exercises into a complete program. For significant progress and results, the Helios Clinic in Herzberg-Osterode has been repeatedly certified by the German Society for Traumatic Surgery, which once again confirms that emergency care procedures work optimally.

Helios Hospital Herzberg-Osterode cooperates with narrow private specialists in diabetology, neurology and psychiatry, the palliative care centre of St. Vitus Seesen and the Alzheimer Society to improve and diversify their services. Also, the medical centre, caring for the town's residents, conducts a digital information evening for future parents and online consultations on orthopaedics, accidents and spinal surgery, pelvic floor diseases, digestive tract diseases and metabolic disorders, thyroid diseases and heart problems. Such patient support helps prevent complications, increases the success of rehabilitation and helps determine the need for inpatient treatment. In addition, the hospital generally provides the region and foreign clients with medical assistance in general therapy, gastroenterology, cardiology, general and visceral surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, orthopaedics and rehabilitation, and endocrinology.

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Founded in 2014
35,000 patients
214 beds available
N/A department

Should I choose Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode for surgical treatment?

The clinic offers a wide range of surgical treatment services, particularly for organs and hernias. Doctors prefer gentle methods with minimal invasion of the body. Laparoscopic techniques meet the needs of performing complex operations, reducing complications, and leaving imperceptible cosmetic defects.

Is the medical centre suitable for health screening?

Thanks to a multidisciplinary team and modern MRI, CT, ultrasound, X-ray and endoscopy, the clinic conducts individual examinations of patients for the most common diseases. Specialists' high experience makes it possible to detect manifestations of disorders at the slightest stage.

What range of services does the clinic offer?

The hospital treats patients with endocrinological, neurological, psychiatric and orthopaedic disorders at a high level. In addition, a cure for digestive, cardiovascular, and genitourinary systems is also available. Surgeons perform operations on joints, organs and the heart with a reasonable survival rate.

About the city

Herzberg am Harz is located on the southern edge of the German Harz mountains at the source of the small rivers Sieber and Lonau. The city impresses not only with its proximity to the Goharts National Park but also with magnificent castles. A footpath leads guests from the town to the castle hill, where a fantastic view opens up. In addition, Herzberg is located in the Siebertal nature reserve, full of local fauna and flora, and has the Rhumequelle lake, the third largest spring in Europe.

The ancient and majestic Herzberg Castle from 1154 is located above the city center and houses a tin museum and various exhibitions on the history of local forestry and the castle's history. Tourists also should not forget to look at another trendy place - the ruins of Schartzfels Castle are located to the east on the steep edge of the mountain. The castles can be reached through numerous parks - Domeyerpark and Ochsenpfuhl. And after visiting the castles, enjoy and take a break for a cup of coffee and a treat near the Lonau waterfall. Tourists are also attracted by the 557 m long Einhorn and Scharzfeld caves in the dolomite rock, which were a refuge for people in ancient times and contained traces of their culture. Another magnet for guests is the vital work of classicism, the Nicholas Church with a large, well-preserved organ from 1594, and the Catholic Church of St. Joseph from 1893.

Due to its economic power, Herzberg has been a regional center for the surrounding area from the beginning. The production of cloth and linen was once an essential economic factor in Herzberg. The city also works on tourism development and provides all the necessary links. Reconstruction of landmarks and their protection and the development of recreational areas took place here. One of the successful reconstructions took place in the old building of the Academic Hospital Helios Herzberg-Osterode, which cooperates with the Georg August University of Gottingen and, since 2014, provides a high level of treatment and education in the medical field, which makes an additional contribution to the development of the city and personnel potential. By tradition, Germany uses its country's quality medicine and natural resources.

The mountainous terrain, rivers, and nature reserve are a slice of paradise amidst the historic castle and cave architecture of Herzberg am Harz. This city will give an unforgettable experience and add a little fairy tale to the vacation.

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