Academic Hospital Helios Gifhorn

Gifhorn, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Gifhorn
Academic Hospital Helios Gifhorn
Academic Hospital Helios Gifhorn

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Gifhorn was solemnly opened in 2012 near the city centre. The clinic provides highly qualified care in twelve high-tech departments and is a famous academic teaching hospital at Magdeburg University. The hospital is proud of its two oncology centres certified by the German Cancer Society according to the following criteria: treatment according to the most up-to-date guidelines, cooperation in the cooperation network and external treatment partners or discussion of each tumour at interdisciplinary oncology conferences. Therefore, the Centre for Colorectal Cancer and Breast Cancer is an essential part of the medical centre and defines its main specialization.

The newly constructed Hospital Helios building in Gifhorn receives 21,200 inpatients and 29,200 outpatients per year. 850 highly qualified medical personnel work here and 370 beds are serviced.

Given the complexities of patient rehabilitation and support, Academic Medical Centre engages in various ways to improve its patients' conditions. In addition to high-quality treatment and enhanced rehabilitation, the clinic uses art therapy through temporary exhibitions of local artists and photographers within the hospital walls and employs a specially trained, cuddle-loving therapist dog. Also, the hospital supports a charity fund-raising event for patients from the oncology department as part of the American "Heart Pillow Project" and the "Socks for Life" campaign to set an example and encourage all parents to treat premature babies and newborns. In addition, the Alzheimer Society of Lower Saxony awarded the Gifhorn project "Gute Stube" first place in the category "Dementia-sensitive projects in clinical settings". The 1950s-style "living room" is used primarily to care for dementia patients. And for a good reason: everyday companions taking care of dementia patients at the Gifhorn clinic must delve into their "familiar" past.

Special directions of the clinic are general and visceral oncological surgery for tumours of the gastrointestinal tract, and mammary gland and surgical treatment of endocrine glands, for example, benign and malignant diseases of the thyroid gland, removal of parathyroid glands in cases of hyperfunction, minimally invasive removal of adrenal glands. Treatment takes place in a pleasant, comfortable atmosphere. Careful care combines medical assistance with comprehensive diagnostic and therapeutic capabilities at the highest level. The services of otolaryngologists, cardiologists, gynaecologists and obstetricians are also available in the clinic.

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Founded in 2012
50,400 patients
370 beds available
N/A department

Is Helios Hospital Gifhorn suitable for cancer screening?

Thanks to certified oncology centres based in the clinic and a multidisciplinary team, doctors offer a quick and highly accurate examination (CT, MRI, PET, ultrasound, endoscopy and X-ray, and a high-quality laboratory) for the predisposition or presence of malignant tumours, even in the initial stages. 

Does the medical center serve children?

The hospital offers services for children from birth, including treatment of cerebral palsy, polytrauma, general surgical and therapeutic diseases, cystic fibrosis, and allergic and hormonal disorders. The neonatal centre has five ventilator stations and assists even in severe cases of congenital heart disease.

Is the clinic a good place to treat peripheral nerve disease?

For a better understanding of the disease and the structure of blood vessels, doctors use an electrophysiological examination of magnetic resonance imaging and tomography. A microsurgical microscope and the corresponding operating tools allow applying the thinnest suture material to minor body structures.

About the city

Gifhorn is a lush green and cozy town with a population of 41,000, combining history and nature reserves with recreational areas on the shores of lakes. The forest area with the smell of pine has long been attributed to the city the healing properties of the air, which further developed the appearance of many private medical offices and the growth of the local population. Eventually, this promoted the opening of the Academic Hospital Helios Gifhorn, which combines high-quality treatment and rehabilitation, especially in oncology, and uses healing resources to the fullest.

The town is also notable for its architectural monuments. While enjoying the historic streets among the old half-timbered houses, it is worth visiting the Weser Renaissance Gifhorn Castle from 1581, thanks to the Protestant princes Ernst the Confessor of Brunswick-Lüneburg and his brother Herzog Franz of Celle. The chapel in Gifhorn Castle is northern Germany's oldest Protestant religious building. Johannes Grutzke's painting "Doubtful Thomas" is also reserved here.

Numerous nature reservations and local lakes contribute to active family recreation and residents' health. Heidesee is so enchanting with its beauty that it was even mentioned in the stories and poems of the poet Herman Lyons. Around the lake is a lively recreation area with delicious offers of local dishes and national cuisine. Thanks to the construction of the Elbe Lateral Canal, the Tankumsee complex recreation space was created, offering 1,000 meters of sandy beach. Water sports activities, clean lakes, and boundless forests are the basis of the city's reputation, bringing it closer to the resorts.

No one will remain numb to such a simultaneously calm and convenient city with historical curiosities. Moreover, the healing properties of nature are an excellent addition to visiting the city.

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