Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain

Blankenhain, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain
Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain
Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain is a modern general hospital in the Weimarer Land district. The clinic was founded in 1840 under the Grand Duke Carl Friedrich. In 1997, the medical centre became part of the Helios network and the largest employer in Blankenhain. The Academic Clinic Helios specializes in diagnosing and treating acute diseases and extensive preventive and postoperative care.

The clinic has 124 beds in bright and comfortable rooms. In 6 specialized departments, doctors treat more than 7,000 inpatients and 14,000 outpatients. All nursing staff have the necessary knowledge and skills to accompany the patients at all stages of their treatment.

The Helios Clinic in Blankenhain is proud of its team of doctors who have studied at world-renowned German and European universities. Doctors and nurses use innovative diagnostic and treatment methods in their practice. For a quick and accurate diagnosis, the hospital has its laboratory for clinical, chemical and haematological analyses, MRI, CT and ultrasound. The clinic develops interventional radiology to make the necessary interventions as gentle and painless as possible. The medical centre takes infection in the hospital very seriously and, therefore, strictly follows the science-based recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute for hospital hygiene. Helios Blankenhain has developed its own mandatory hospital hygiene guidelines with a hygiene and disinfection plan for its clinics.

The clinic's departments offer optimal conditions for professional medical care for patients, including a qualified team, modern medical technologies and the highest standards. The medical team has extensive experience in general and visceral surgery, internal medicine, orthopaedics and traumatology, and urology. The clinic also includes a special Center for Dialysis Bypass Surgery and a Palliative Care Unit. The main goal of the medical team is to help the patient overcome the disease using effective treatment methods.

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Founded in 1840
21,000 patients
124 beds available
N/A department

Can I have minimally invasive surgery at Hospital Helios Blankenhain?

The so-called "keyhole" method is the method of choice for the most frequently operated diseases of the abdominal cavity. The advantage for the patient is the more minor scars and, therefore, less pain, shorter healing time, and associated shorter hospital stay.

Does the clinic have a urologist?

The clinic offers a full range of conservative and operative urology. In addition, the medical team specializes in the surgical treatment of prostate cancer and the treatment of bladder tumours and urinary stones.

Is it possible to have chronic wound treatment at the hospital?

Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain includes a certified wound centre specializing in vacuum aspiration therapy, biosurgical and endovascular procedures. Doctors have rich experience in skin transplantation and plastic-surgical reconstructive treatment, including patchwork.

About the city

Blankenhain is a charming little town surrounded by forests, meadows, and rolling countryside. The city lies between Weimar and Rudolstadt and is one of the largest settlements in Thuringia. In the Middle Ages, Blankenhain was a well-fortified city with a wall, moat, rampart, and thick hedgerows. Walls 4 to 5 m high guarded nine ponds.

Numerous lime trees have been a hallmark of the city since Blankenhain was first mentioned in a document in 1252. Blankenhain Castle, in its new look, is an event venue in the center of a small town and a place for fairy tales and stories that are loved to be told here. In addition, the city is known for its golf course on its outskirts, which is stylishly integrated into the natural environment and is a place of excellence.

The rivers Ilm and Saale form the landscape around the city, surrounded by dense and picturesque forests. Blankensein hosts a series of unique Thuringian hiking trails. One of them is the Goethe Trail of Experience, which follows the trail of love straight from Saalfeld-Rudolstadt to the Kochberg castle, home of Charlotte von Stein. Tourists who prefer a more relaxed pace can also choose the Beer and Castle Road or the Thuringian Porcelain Road, which pass through Blankenhain. Another reason to visit the city is the Academic Hospital Helios Blankenhain. The specialized clinic provides first-class medical services for regional residents and beyond.

Blankenhain has a rustic idyll with delightful nature. The city has houses for every taste, complete urban infrastructure, and excellent medical care. The town is an ideal place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and relax in wonderful nature.

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