Academic Hospital Helios Attendorn

Attendorn, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Attendorn
Academic Hospital Helios Attendorn
Academic Hospital Helios Attendorn

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Attendorn is a modern, highly specialized clinic that offers a full range of diagnostic and therapeutic services. The hospital opened its doors in 1853 and, since 2014, has been part of the Helios network. The Attendorn Clinic is an academic teaching hospital of the University of Marburg, so the medical staff has access to the most modern and innovative treatment methods.

At Helios Clinic Attendorn, a medical team monitors patients around the clock in nine specialized departments and three medical centres. Approximately 180 employees treat 10,000 inpatients and 18,000 outpatients annually. The clinic has 298 beds in high-quality single and double rooms. There is also a central pharmacy on the territory of the hospital, which provides medicines for all inpatients.

The medical centre has excellent technical support. Resuscitation beds include modern monitor units, ventilators, hemofiltration, radiometers for rapid blood gas analysis and a mobile X-ray machine. Doctors of the clinic pay special attention to the early detection and treatment of oncological diseases of the abdominal organs. The Interdisciplinary Abdominal Center meets weekly with fellow surgeons, gastroenterologists, oncologists, radiologists, and pathologists to determine the best-individualized treatment, examination, and aftercare for each patient. In a certified endoprosthetics centre, specialists provide patients with joint replacement - only when all the possibilities of conservative therapy have been exhausted. The clinic offers patients medical, nursing and psychosocial care at the highest level. 

The specialized departments of the clinic include vascular surgery, rheumatology, otolaryngology, gynaecology and obstetrics, internal medicine, orthopaedics and traumatology. In addition, the hospital has a certified Geriatrics Center, which provides earlier rehabilitation complex treatment. Qualified nurses, doctors and therapists do everything to make patients' stay in the hospital enjoyable.

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Founded in 1853
28,000 patients
298 beds available
N/A department

What is the treatment range of the medical centre?

The specialized departments of the clinic offer medical services to treat the most common diseases. Doctors have exceptional experience in gastroenterology, otolaryngology, vascular surgery, and general and visceral surgery. Particular attention is paid to physiotherapy and rehabilitation.

Is Helios Hospital Attendorn a good place for knee or hip replacement?

For the department of orthopaedics, joint replacement at the hip, knee, shoulder and elbow joints is a core competency with about 400 surgeries per year. In addition, the clinic is certified as an endoprosthesis centre and has met the high requirements of the society for orthopaedics.

Can I have rehabilitation after my surgery in the clinic?

After the operation, the physiotherapists start mobilizing the patient as soon as possible and provide physiotherapy for inpatients for over ten years. The basic concept is to begin physiotherapy already in a hospital bed, which significantly speeds up the rehabilitation process.

About the city

Attendorn is a small town south of the low Sauerland mountains, surrounded by the Sauerland-Rothhargebirge nature park. The city is crossed by the Bigge River, on which the Biggese reservoir is one of the largest in Germany.

Attendorn's most famous attraction is the Atta karst cave. Located in the vicinity of the city, it has 6.6 kilometers of passage. The cave was discovered in 1907 and has been a tourist attraction ever since. Every year, 350 thousand of people descend into it. Another natural attraction that delights tourists is the Biggese reservoir. Leisure infrastructure has been created on the coast, which includes boat trips, beaches, viewing platforms, and walking and cycling routes.

Attendorth is famous for its abundance of carnivals, festivals, and open-air concerts. The city hosts the Shooting Festival, the Jugglers Festival, and the Fire Festival every year. The town of Attendorn also has numerous sports clubs of various kinds. Residents of the city are especially fond of table tennis, cycling, and triathlon. Academic Hospital Helios Attendorn is the only medical institution in the city that provides high-quality medical services.

With just over 30,000 inhabitants, Attendorte is a quiet and peaceful city rich in history and culture. Tourists are attracted by the possibility of camping on Lake Biggese or hiking in the Sauerland mountains. The town leaves behind only the most pleasant memories.

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