Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf

Markt Indersdorf, Germany
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Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf
Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf
Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf

About the hospital

Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf has specialized in geriatric medicine since 1996 and has 95 beds for acute geriatrics and rehabilitation. The multi-professional and interdisciplinary team cares for patients' health and their relatives' precious time, providing everything necessary and maximum support at every stage.

At the Helios Amper Clinic Indersdorf, around 700 acute and 1,200 rehabilitation patients are treated yearly. Another 5,600 patients are treated on an outpatient basis. The average age of the patient is 83 years. Extended stays are considered thanks to the modern, updated hospital premises with a pleasantly bright and spacious interior. Comfortable wards are equipped with handrails, trolleys, and additional staff call buttons. Patients are provided with delicious rational nutrition, cafeterias and an area for walking.

As assessed by the Initiative for Quality Medicine (IQM), which collects category-specific information from 490 member clinics in Germany and Switzerland, the Academic Hospital Helios Indersdorf performs better than average among peer clinics. This success was achieved thanks to high technologies of instrumental diagnostics and careful cures according to the latest science. Also, the hospital is not afraid to use unusual approaches to therapy. One of the helpful methods is additional sessions with Merlin, the Labrador doctor. It has been proven that dogs positively affect people's emotions and stimulate the secretion of oxytocin, which positively affects the body, reducing stress. The clinic also leads an active social life: it participates in the national campaign of the World Health Organization (WHO) "Clean Hands", runs dementia workshops for locals, and donates medical equipment for a hospital in Lebanon with the participation of Aid Pioneers. In 2018, the pharmacy at the Helios Amper Clinic became the first in the Helios Group to be successfully connected to the verification system and comply with the European directive on early counterfeiting requirements.

Helios Hospital Amper in Markt Indersdorf has five departments: acute medicine with emergency care, outpatient treatment, outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation, hospital hygiene, and physical and rehabilitation medicine. The main goal is to make life easier for people with incurable diseases and to contribute to improving the quality of life. Furthermore, a team of palliative nurses, therapists and palliative care doctors, together with pastors and hospice workers, supports the sufferers and their families and helps the elderly to regain independence after an illness, adhering to the approach of a holistic consideration of the patient.

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Founded in 1996
7,500 patients
95 beds available
N/A departments

What range of services does Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf offer?

The clinic offers the treatment of geriatric diseases in palliative medicine and the treatment of diseases, cardiac diseases, gastroenterological and pulmonological disorders, and emergency care and rehabilitation. The patient can choose a method of therapy convenient, whether outpatient or inpatient

Is the clinical the best in geriatrics?

In a comparative analysis of the work of almost 500 German and Swiss geriatric clinics, Clinic Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf had a higher-than-average quality of work. Furthermore, the clinic's popularity among foreign tourists indicates an impeccable reputation.

Can I get quality rehabilitation at the medical centre?

The clinic uses only proven rehabilitation methods, including proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation and the Brugger method, which helps fight pain and restore body. In addition, physical and manual therapy, massages, cold-heat and speech cure are integral parts of successful recovery.

About the city

Markt Indersdorf is a small cosy German town in the centre of Dachau, located 35 kilometres northwest of the great Munich. Signs of the city's central function are the development of traffic routes, schools, medical care, economy and trade.

The history of this place is more than 1000 years old. The Augustinian monastery, founded as early as 1120, was the economic and intellectual centre of the region for a long time. The monastery church, consecrated in honour of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, has six figures of saints on the main altar, which are the late works of the world-famous Munich sculptor Andreas Feistenberger and are considered an actual work of art. The monastery is also a station on the 7-Kloster-Weg, a bicycle path that connects seven existing or former monasteries in Dachau and the Wittelsbacher Land. This track is a magnet for tourists because it combines sports entertainment and getting to know the region's history. In addition to the sights, the museum of the Augustinian canons, which received the Bavarian Museum Award in 2015, is also available in the city. It is the only gallery that deals with the specific topic of the Augustinian canons in a permanent exhibition. Indersdorf's regular art exhibition and local history museum in the tailor's tower of the former Augustinian monastery of Indersdorf symbolise the place's culture. It is also worth noting that Indersdorf boasts the largest carnival procession in Upper Bavaria. It is worth the attention of everyone who once dreamed of seeing a carnival.

Education and medicine in the city are well developed, connected with the city's traditions and centralisation from a long time ago. In 1996, a geriatric centre was opened in the city, which later passed to the powerful Helios group and became Academic Hospital Helios Amper Markt Indersdorf. The clinic specialises in treating and caring for the elderly and is one of the best centres in Germany, according to the IQM version. 

The small town of Markt Indersdorf, with its great history, sights and carnivals, is just beginning its tourism development, but it is doing so rapidly and confidently. The architecture and romantic atmosphere of the city with its local activities harmoniously impress everyone who visits it.

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