Department of orthopaedics, trauma surgery and septic reconstructive surgery

The department of orthopaedics, trauma surgery and septic reconstructive surgery at Academic Hospital Bundeswehr Berlin deal with accidents or diseases of the musculoskeletal system. In cooperation with the departments of vascular surgery and dermatology, the department offers a high level of expertise in treating complex wounds and wound healing disorders in the certified wound centre (IWC). The latest international professional standards guide it as a surgical department. The department is equipped with the latest devices and instruments, including the use of innovative surgical techniques, particularly the use of minimally invasive procedures on the joints. The clinic is certified as a regional trauma centre and part of Berlin's trauma network. The modern hospital hygiene standards are be implemented through very close cooperation with the Bundeswehr's own Institute for Microbiology, a specialist in hospital hygiene, a hygiene officer in the department, and several hygiene nurses. 

Local physicians are specialized in the areas of joint replacement (endoprosthetics) with replacement operations, sports and geriatric traumatology, knee joint, shoulder and forefoot surgery as well as the treatment of complex infections of the soft tissues, joints and endoprostheses/osteosynthesis material, the covering of soft tissue defects (septic -reconstructive surgery).

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