Department of neurology

The department of neurology at Academic Hospital Bundeswehr Berlin treats many acute and chronic neurological diseases. The spectrum ranges from inflammatory CNS diseases through gait and movement disorders to neurovascular disorders. The diagnostic neurophysiology is equipped with all modern examination devices (NLG, EMG, VEP, SEP, AEP, MEP, nerve ultrasound). In the field of imaging diagnostics, magnetic resonance imaging (3 Tesla MRT), computed tomography (CT), and CT angiography are at the disposal of physicians. In addition, extensive examinations are available, e.g., the cerebrospinal fluid (liquor) and a wide range of pathogen diagnostics in inflammatory processes of the nervous system in the in-house laboratory and special laboratories in the immediate vicinity. Furthermore, the department works actively on scientific issues. Currently, local staff is conducting a study on delirium in cooperation with the Orthopedics/ Trauma Surgery Clinic. The department is a member of the Berlin Stroke Register (BSR) and the Berlin Stroke Alliance (BSA).

Stroke, neurodegenerative diseases, and multiple sclerosis are the critical priorities for treatment and diagnosis. The facility offers comprehensive diagnostic procedures with cutting-edge medical devices. Rehabilitation is also one of the medical services provided.

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