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Dr. Sinan Comu working place, Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul
Dr. Sinan Comu

Dr. Sinan Comu

pediatric neurology, epilepsy
pediatric neurology, epilepsy
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Country, City
Turkey, Istanbul
Health facility
Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul
Medical unit
Department of pediatric neurology
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About the doctor

Dr. Sinan Comu is a highly experienced pediatric neurologist with 34 years of practice in Turkey, specifically at Memorial Sisli Hospital in Istanbul. He has an impressive educational background, including his Medical Doctor Education at the Istanbul Faculty of Medicine and specialization training in Pediatrics and Child Neurology in reputable hospitals in the United States. Dr. Comu is a member of renowned medical societies such as the Child Neurology Society, the International Child Neurology Society, and the Turkish Child Neurology Association, highlighting his commitment to staying up-to-date with the latest advancements in his field. Dr. Comu's specialization in pediatric neurology and epilepsy is evident in his extensive list of 25 scientific publications. These publications demonstrate his expertise and dedication to researching and understanding complex neurodegenerative disorders, genetic variations, and the etiologies of seizures in young children. His focus on identifying gene mutations and genotype-phenotype correlations in specific disorders showcases his unique approach to diagnosis and treatment. With Dr. Sinan Comu's vast experience, extensive scientific contributions, and membership in prestigious medical societies, he is undoubtedly a highly skilled and knowledgeable pediatric neurologist. His commitment to advancing the field and his specialized expertise make him an excellent choice for patients seeking expert care in pediatric neurology and epilepsy at Memorial Sisli Hospital in Istanbul, Turkey.

Skills & Expertise

child neurology
pediatric neurology


CV (Curriculum Vitae)

  • 1982-1989 Medical Doctor Education, Istanbul Faculty of Medicine, Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 1989-1992 Pediatrics Specialization Training, Case Western Reserve University Rainbow Babies and Children Hospital, USA
  • 1992-1996 Child Neurology Specialist, University of Pittsburgh Children's Hospital, USA
  • 1996 Pediatric Neurology Specialist, Private Examination, Istanbul, Turkey
  • 2009 Pediatric Neurology Specialist, Memorial Sisli Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
Awards & Memberships
  • Member of the Child Neurology Society, USA
  • Member of the International Child Neurology Society
  • Member of the Turkish Child Neurology Association
  • Member of the Association to Combat Epilepsy


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Phenotypical spectrum of SACS variants: Neuromuscular perspective of a complex neurodegenerative disorder.

May, 2022

Characterization of Greater Middle Eastern genetic variation for enhanced disease gene discovery.

September, 2016

NGLY1 mutation causes neuromotor impairment, intellectual disability, and neuropathy.

January, 2015


Okmeydanı Cd., No: 4, 34384 Istanbul, Turkey


Where does the doctor practice?

What is the specialization of Dr. Sinan Comu?

The primary specialization of the doctor is pediatric neurology, epilepsy.

What is the experience of the specialist?

Dr. Sinan Comu has been practicing for more than 35 years.

What do patients say about Dr. Sinan Comu?

The doctor has 0 review on AiroMedical and and 14 feedbacks at other places. The UserScore of the specialist is 94%.

What is the rating of the doctor?

Dr. Sinan Comu is rated as 9.60 by AiroMedical.

What topics does Dr. Sinan Comu expert at?

The doctor has excellent knowledge in neurology, child, child neurology, pediatric, epilepsy.

Is the specialist involved in the research?

Does the specialist offer online consultations?

Yes, Dr. Sinan Comu performs virtual appointments and offers a second medical opinion service.

Dr. Sinan Comu
Dr. Sinan Comu

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