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University Hospital Greifswald

University Hospital Greifswald

Greifswald, Germany
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University Hospital Greifswald is a medical institution with a long tradition and an excellent reputation. The history of the University Hospital Greifswald began in 1794. And in 2010, the clinic and the university's medical faculty were merged into the Medical Center. For more than 200 years of medical activity, the hospital has earned recognition among national and international patients.Today, the University Hospital of Greifswald includes a wide range of services, within which 21 clinics, 19 institutes and other central institutions work together. Every year, the medical staff treats more than 36,000 inpatients and 100,000 outpatients. The hospital has more than 920 beds for inpatient tr

About Greifswald

Greifswald is a small university town in northeastern Germany. The city is attracting international attention for the university, the surrounding BioCon valley and the Wendelstein 7-X nuclear fusion projects.

The sights of the city are mainly architectural monuments. Market Square is surrounded by beautifully decorated medieval buildings reminiscent of the city's age. To the west of the square is the town hall, dating from the 14th century, which stands out from other buildings with arched passages. Interestingly, almost all the city's churches have ships, as the locals pray for those on the voyage. To understand the beauty of Greifswald, it is worth climbing the long stairs of St. Nicholas Church. Only two thousand wooden steps offer an unsurpassed view of a small town: green streets, brown roofs and the blue Roar River that leads to the sea.

Greifswald is a young and dynamic city with 60,000 inhabitants and more than 11,000 students. The Ernst Moritz Arndt University of Greifswald is one of the oldest academic institutions in Europe. The university also influences the city's culture, economy and nightlife. The University Hospital Greifswald offers high-quality medical services for citizens and international patients. Greifswald is the birthplace of many talented actors, singers, painters and poets. The city was glorified by the famous artist Caspad David Friedrich, who painted the oil painting "Abbey in an Oakwood". It is also worth noting that Greifswald greatly honours Ukrainian culture and annually holds two-week scientific conferences dedicated to the Ukrainian language, literature and cinema.

Every visitor to Greifswald can feel the city's unique spirit. Walking through the town streets, visitors want to return to feel freedom, sea romance and peace again.

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