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Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Gailingen

Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Gailingen

Gailingen, Germany
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Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Gailingen is located on the High Rhine near the Hegau volcanoes and the Schaffhausen waterfall. In 1950 Prof. Dr Friedrich Schmieder founded the first clinic in Geilingen on the Upper Rhine. Currently, the centre is considered a pioneer and trailblazer in neurological rehabilitation. Following the clinic's motto - "Never give up!" the medical team is doing everything possible to ensure that patients are full of hope, optimism, and strength on their way to rehabilitation.Today, around 300 employees supply over 3,000 annually neurologically ill people, especially in phases C and D/E. Specialists of various disciplines work together on an interdisciplinary basis

About Gailingen

Gailingen is a German town in the Konstanz district with just over 3,000 citizens. Gailingen is a beautiful state-approved resort. The municipality of Gailingen has several architecturally interesting buildings, some of which are also listed buildings.

High above the Gailingen is the Burglischloss observation deck with an observation tower built in 1998. The mountain panorama extends from Vorarlberg to the Bernese Alps with good visibility. The imposing wooden bridge over the Rhine at Diessenhofen is the hallmark of Gailingen and connects the two countries. The part of the High Rhine on which Gailingen is located is one of the most beautiful river flows in Europe. In addition to the famous scenery and the nearby Swiss border, Rheinuferpark is also a particularly inviting place to relax.

In 1911, Friedrich Georg Schmider, a well-known neurologist, psychiatrist and businessman, was born in Gailingen. In 1950 he opened the Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Gailingen. Today the company is a leader among clinics in neurology and neurological rehabilitation, with 5 locations in different parts of Europe.

Thanks to good infrastructure and proximity to Switzerland, the city has many recreations and good shopping opportunities. Gailingen is a paradise for walkers, cyclists and outdoor enthusiasts. In addition to cycling and hiking, there is also the possibility of taking a boat trip on the beautiful Rhine or Lake Constance.

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