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University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden

Dresden, Germany
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University Hospital Carl Gustav Carus Dresden is Germany's most reputable medical facility. It offers its patients the most modern medical services and provides almost the entire range of maximum care. The hospital was founded in 1815, and still, it remains one of the leading providers of medical services in East Saxony. The focus is on cancer therapy and metabolic and neurological diseases.The Dresden University Hospital, with 26 clinics, four institutes and 17 interdisciplinary centres, is the largest in the city. Every year, 60,000 outpatients and 280,000 inpatients receive modern medical care. With 1300 inpatient beds and 95 outpatient departments, the hospital offers a full range of med

About Dresden

Dresden is a city with a long history, located in the Free State of Saxony in eastern Germany. Dresden was the royal residence of the kings of Saxony. For centuries, this elite has given the city cultural and artistic splendour. Today, with over half a million population, it is a thriving city as part of a reunited Germany.

Despite its tragic past, Dresden is still filled with history and architecture. It is a city of sparkling palaces, blooming gardens and a beautifully rebuilt Frauenkirche. The three main sights of Dresden are the Baroque Zwinger Palace, the Semper Opera House and the Church of Our Lady. The city is also famous for the Brühl Terrace and the Royal Palace, the Elbe castles on the hillside of Loschwitz and the exclusive villas of the Blasewitz district.

It is a city of art, with more than 50 museums and 30 small and large theatre stages. The city's orchestras and music festivals are among the highlights of European cultural life. The state capital of Saxony is also a centre of microelectronics, recognized worldwide and playing a leading role in Europe. Every second chip produced in Europe is made in Dresden. The city is home to many famous universities, but it is a newer place for academic education in German cities. Nevertheless, the Dresden University of Technology, for example, has the most students in Germany. The university also includes the Faculty of Medicine and the Carl Gustav Carus Hospital.

Dresden is a city of contrasts. Classic and modern, bright and calm, vibrant economy and relaxed quality of life, a glorious past and a promising future all coexist perfectly. Dresden citizens have known how to have fun and have fun for centuries - and they do it together with guests and newcomers.

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