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Helios Rosmann Hospital Breisach

Helios Rosmann Hospital Breisach

Breisach am Rhein, Germany
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Helios Rosmann Hospital Breisach is the region's first point of contact for accidents and acute musculoskeletal injuries in Germany and has been providing services in the Helios medical network since 1998. Experienced doctors, nursing staff, physiotherapists and volunteers work hand in hand for the well-being of patients. The concept of "Joint Patient Rounds" prevents coordination problems and ensures that nurses and doctors are equally well informed about the patient's condition - from a medical and nursing perspective.About 170 medical personnel work in the medical centre and serve 123 beds in 5 modern high-tech departments. The number of inpatient cases is more than 2,000, and outpatient

About Breisach am Rhein

Breisach am Rhein is an artistic and historic town on the Upper Rhine in Germany. Today, the city's population is almost 16,000. Thanks to its unique location on the Rhine, the town of Breisach offers a wide range of sports and entertainment activities.

While in the city, it is worth visiting the Romanesque Cathedral of St. Stephen of the 12th century. The cathedral's main altar is one of the most actual carvings in German art. In the western part of this cathedral, Martin Schongauer created a monumental painting depicting the Last Judgment in the 15 century. The 16-meter tall Tulla Tower is a typical landmark of Baden's cities along the Rhine. Another well-known entertainment in the town is the annual Breisach Festival, which has been offering a large open-air theatre since 1924. The festival season runs from June to September yearly and attracts over 15,000 visitors. There is also an outdoor swimming pool with a forest pool in Breisach. Tennis courts and football club sports fields are very close by in Rheinwald. You can ride on motor and yacht boats and water skiing. Excursion boats depart regularly from the marina for lock-up tours and day trips.

Tourism in Breisach has become an important sector of the economy over the past 15-20 years, and its importance continues to grow. The city also attracts tourists due to the developed healthcare system. Since 1998, the medical network Helios has been the owner of the multidisciplinary Helios Rosmann Hospital in Breisach, which is considered a recognized and certified orthopaedics centre. About 8,000 patients are treated here annually. In addition, Titisee-Neustadt School of Health and Nursing and Freiburg University Hospital cooperate with the medical centre, training highly qualified specialists in various specialities.

High art, rich history, a variety of entertainment and quality medicine are combined in Breisach am Rhein and attract tourists and patients from all over the city

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