Julia Kozina

A medical copywriter and translator focused on the needs of the patient. Three years of experience writing articles on medical topics, including for specific requests. Co-author of several reviews and informational articles about diseases, medicines, equipment, treatment methods, etc.

The cult of Gal, Dahl, and Rosenthal dominates the texts. Therefore, she writes simply about the complex, interestingly about the boring, in simple language about the professional. Knows how to separate the main from the secondary. Successfully works on several tasks at the same time. Finds extraordinary solutions and generates non-standard ideas. Exceptional attention to detail, focus on results, an inexhaustible supply of energy, and creativity.

A wide range of interests and a desire to develop and expand her knowledge allow her to work in Russian / Ukrainian / Spanish / English.

Diploma HK # 33114011
Diploma HK # 17641448
Certificate 1 - Spanish Language # 01807005131

Medically reviewed the articles:

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medical writer
proofreader, medical writer, and translator