Department of radiation therapy

The radiation therapy department at University Hospital Wurzburg deals with treating all oncological diseases in which radiation treatment is indicated. Radiation therapy methods are among the most innovative cancer treatments, treating tumour diseases and relieving symptoms. About 2,000 patients are treated in the department annually. An interdisciplinary centre for palliative care is associated with the clinic. Doctors practise using the most modern equipment. The unit has five devices for external irradiation. All devices support intensity-modulated radiation therapy. In addition, the three devices support unique high-precision methods such as VMAT (volumetric modulated arc therapy), IGRT (imaging-guided radiation therapy), and stereotactic and radiological irradiation. The department's primary goal is to fight the tumour while protecting the surrounding healthy tissue as much as possible.

The department's radiotherapists specialize in radiotherapy for all malignant tumours, be it lung, breast, prostate or brain tumours. Radiation therapy can help relieve symptoms and improve quality of life if the tumour has spread too far to be cured. As part of palliative care, doctors use radiation therapy to treat problems such as shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or bone pain. Using the most modern targeted techniques allows for gentle treatment with the highest possible chances of recovery.

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