Department of radiation oncology and palliative medicine

The radiation oncology and palliative medicine department at University Hospital Wurzburg (UKW) deals with treating malignant neoplastic diseases in which radiation therapy is indicated. Radiation therapy methods are among the most innovative approaches in the treatment of tumour diseases and in alleviating symptoms. About 2,000 patients are treated in the department and day hospital every year. The department has five devices for external irradiation. All devices support IMRT. The three devices support unique high-precision methods such as VMAT, IGRT and stereotactic and radiosurgical irradiation. The medical team sets target volumes and doses of radiation therapy for each patient based on the clinical picture. The goal of oncologists is to effectively fight the tumour while protecting the surrounding healthy tissues of the body as much as possible. The department was the first in the world to use stereotactic irradiation and radiosurgery to treat tumours of the lungs, liver and other abdominal organs. Thanks to modern technologies, doctors treat tumours with excellent efficiency and without surgical intervention.

An interdisciplinary centre for palliative medicine is also associated with the department. In palliative care, doctors may use radiation therapy to treat problems such as shortness of breath, difficulty swallowing, or bone pain. In addition, experienced doctors offer patients advice and assistance with stressful physical, psychological or social issues - not only at the end of life but throughout all stages of the disease.

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