Department of nuclear medicine

The nuclear medicine department at University Hospital Wurzburg performs the full range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures using radioactive substances. The department emphasizes developing its radiopharmaceuticals for targeted therapy of diseases such as prostate cancer, neuroendocrine tumours or lymphomas, neurological disorders and diseases of the cardiovascular system. The department specializes in both classical methods of nuclear diagnostics and modern methods of functional and molecular imaging. The specialists of the department successfully use the techniques of scintigraphy, PET-CT and SPECT-CT. The medical team treats about 600 patients annually, including 500 with benign thyroid diseases and thyroid cancer, in the internal medicine department with eleven specialized beds.

The key direction of the department is diagnostics using scintigraphy of the thyroid gland, myocardium, kidneys, lungs and digestive tract organs. Therapy of tumours with radionuclides is used if surgical methods and chemotherapy are ineffective. Oncologists and radiologists of the department care about the safety of patients and carefully monitor compliance with all rules and proper disposal of radioactive materials.

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