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Department of neurological rehabilitation

The department of neurological rehabilitation at Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Heidelberg provides a full range of rehabilitation measures to restore motor, cognitive and speech functions lost due to a neurological disorder. The department treats more than 2,000 patients annually, including from abroad, which confirms the high level of medical care. The department's highly qualified team of rehabilitation physicians specialises in all stages of neurological rehabilitation - phases from A to F. The department is equipped with diagnostic equipment for a comprehensive assessment, including MRI 3 Tesla, CT, and devices for extra- and intracranial duplex brain ultrasound scans. In addition, doctors are involved in various research projects to develop new methods for diagnosing and treating neurological disorders. A medical staff of the department surrounds the patient with care and makes every effort to instil confidence in him and a favourable outcome of treatment.

The department treats all neurological disorders of varying severity - both in the acute period and at the rehabilitation stage. Before any rehabilitation measures, the department's doctors determine clear goals for rehabilitation treatment. Rehabilitation programs usually include physiotherapy, exercise therapy, occupational therapy, robotic rehabilitation, and psychological and neuropsychological assistance.

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