Department of neurological rehabilitation

The neurological rehabilitation department at Rehabilitation Clinic Schmieder Gerlingen can offer their patients the full range of neurological rehabilitation phases. In phase A, emergency medical care is possible during the rehabilitation stay. For the rehabilitation of patients in phase B, the department has 72 beds, two of which are equipped with monitoring ventilators. Professional patient care teams work on an interdisciplinary basis in early neurological rehabilitation. Treatment teams are doctors, physiotherapists, psychologists, nurses and social workers. The department is very well equipped, and the medical staff has a high level of knowledge in medical, physiotherapy and nursing care. The department also has many years of experience in treating brain injuries. More than 1,800 patients are treated in the department annually. 

Doctors treat all neurological diseases in the department, both urgent and chronic. Particular attention is paid to the early neurological rehabilitation of patients with severe brain damage. Thanks to close cooperation with the day hospital in Stuttgart, patients can continue their general neurological rehabilitation outpatient. The clinic also offers the possibility of performing disability tests.

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