Department of spine surgery

The department of spine surgery at Academic Regio Hospital Pinneberg is a highly specialised competence centre where conservative and surgical treatment methods for all spinal diseases and injuries of the spinal cord. Operations on the spine are carried out to alleviate severe pain for the patient, eliminate or improve states of paralysis and prevent consequential damage. Targeted step-by-step diagnostics before treatment are essential to the department's specialists. Before deciding on surgical intervention, experienced doctors check each patient to see whether all conservative treatment options have been exhausted. In case of need for surgical intervention, surgeons apply the most innovative techniques while the nurses create a comfortable atmosphere.

The main direction of the department is the treatment of chronic degenerative diseases of the spine, rheumatic diseases and injuries. Severe spinal conditions with significant instability, decompensated statics and neurological deficits must be straightened and stabilised in exceptional cases by introducing foreign materials such as screws and rods. The surgeons have a great deal of experience with the access routes to the spine, a large selection of instruments and implants and reliable care for the patient after the operation. Minimally invasive surgical techniques have also become established in the department.

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