Department of geriatrics and palliative medicine

The department of geriatrics and palliative medicine at Regio Hospital Elmshorn deals with the problems and course of diseases in old age. The department has around 65 inpatient beds and offers semi-inpatient services in the day clinic. Doctors provide medical care when patients can no longer perform daily activities independently due to reduced body functions. The department has specialists for the treatment of diabetes and can therefore offer qualified and multidisciplinary diabetic care. In addition to the acute risk of high or low blood sugar, the long-term effects of inadequately treated diabetes are of particular importance, which can lead to severe damage to practically all organ systems.

Experienced specialists provide medical care for an older adult with an acute illness of the internal organs, the skeleton, and the nervous system. Treatments in the department always include elements of early rehabilitation. The department focuses on the earliest possible start of therapy after an operation, an accident or an illness. The main goal is to bring the patient back to their state before the event as quickly as possible.

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