Department of radiotherapy and Gamma Knife

The department of radiotherapy and Gamma Knife at Radiotherapy and Gamma Knife Center Krefeld is a multidisciplinary medical centre specialising in stereotactic radiosurgical treatment. The centre is equipped with the most modern equipment for radiosurgery - Gamma Knife Perfexion and Linear accelerator Axesse. Due to the high accuracy and efficiency of the intervention, techniques using this equipment have become the gold standard of modern surgery. Radiation therapy can be performed on an outpatient or inpatient basis for adults and children. The department employs highly qualified surgeons, radiologists and caring medical staff who consistently meet patients' needs and consider all wishes. The centre is equipped with a modern Gamma Knife to provide painless and non-invasive tumour treatment.

The main direction of the centre is stereotactic radiation therapy for benign and malignant tumours of the head and neck, vascular malformations, and metastases to various organs. The most important feature of the department lies in the innovative technologies of targeted radiation therapy, thanks to which healthy tissues can be preserved entirely. At the same time, a Gamma Knife Perfexion and linear accelerator Axesse can remove tumours and metastases with an accuracy of 0.3 mm.

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