Department of pediatric urology

The department of pediatric urology at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul is one of Turkey's leading centres for diagnosing and treating diseases of the genitourinary system in children. The department's specialists mainly accept patients with congenital urological pathologies for treatment. The department has modern technical equipment for minimally invasive, endoscopic and robotic interventions, characterized by minimal trauma and performed through several small incisions. Thanks to such innovative techniques, the period of postoperative recovery of the child is significantly reduced, and a pronounced pain syndrome is also excluded. Furthermore, the department doctors get along well with children and do their best to make little patients comfortable without fearing the upcoming treatment.

Doctors prefer conservative treatment methods as first-line therapy. Usually, urinary tract infections, nocturnal enuresis, and urolithiasis do not require surgical intervention. Doctors mainly use drugs, advanced stone crushing systems, and other conservative methods with these pathologies. Surgery is the most common treatment for identifying hypospadias, cryptorchidism, undescended testis, or genitourinary malformations. Surgical interventions are often performed on an outpatient basis, and young patients do not need hospitalization.

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