Department of pediatric endocrinology

The pediatric endocrinology department at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul provides high-quality diagnostic and therapeutic services for young patients with hormonal disorders, including stunting and puberty. Endocrine diseases in children require a particular approach to treatment since the development of endocrine glands in children proceeds quite quickly. The department has a modern laboratory at its disposal so patients can be examined directly at the clinic. The primary diagnostic test is a blood draw to assess hormone levels. In addition, doctors perform ultrasound scanning, magnetic resonance imaging, radioisotope scanning and other diagnostic procedures. Doctors prefer an integrated approach to treatment, so they maintain close cooperation with pediatric radiology, pediatric surgery, genetics and pediatric oncology departments.

Priority clinical areas are treating growth disorders, puberty, bone metabolism disorders, thyroid gland, adrenal glands and pituitary gland diseases. The basis of clinical practice is the use of advanced methods of treatment, the latest drugs that allow doctors to eliminate the pathology or maintain a satisfactory state of health for the child. The department employs real professionals who provide first-class medical care and surround children with attention and care.

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