Department of organ transplantation

The organ transplantation department at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul is an internationally leading centre well-known among patients from the Balkan countries, the USA, Europe and the Middle East. The department's highly specialized surgeons treat patients by replacing damaged organs that cannot function due to incurable diseases. Complex diagnostics precedes operations on the limber of organs. The operation is an extreme measure, which surgeons resort to only in cases where other types of treatment are guaranteed to fail, and organ transplantation is the only treatment option for patients. For organ transplantation, the patient must receive donor material from a living or deceased donor. About 75-80% of organ transplants in the department are performed using donor material from living donors. Doctors evaluate the general state of the donor's health, the organ's condition, and the donor's compatibility with the recipient.

The main directions of the department are liver transplantation and kidney transplantation. With exceptional experience, the surgeons perform over 370 transplants and almost 260 liver transplants per year. As a result, the success rate in the department is very high and surpasses the results of well-known clinics with this specialization in Europe and the USA. In addition to experienced surgeons, the medical staff includes caring nurses who create a comfortable environment before and after organ transplantation.

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