Department of medical oncology

The medical oncology department at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul is committed to diagnosing, treating and examining tumours in patients to ensure optimal outcomes for a wide range of diagnoses. The department employs some of the best and highly specialized medical oncologists. The department's specialists analyze patient diagnostic tests in detail according to the US and European guidelines used worldwide, and, after that, the most appropriate treatment is applied to the patient. To prescribe medical therapy, oncologists consider the patient's age, concomitant oncological diseases, personal preferences, personal and professional life, and psychosocial characteristics. In addition to classical chemotherapeutic treatments, the department offers options such as intelligent, targeted applications of drugs and molecules and immunotherapy, which increase the likelihood of success and quality of life.

The department's oncologists are constantly working to improve standards of care for adult malignancies, including breast cancer, gynaecological cancer, soft tissue sarcoma, cancer of unknown primary, and other rare types of solid tumours. In their practice, doctors use drugs only from trusted medical brands so that patients can be sure of the service quality. Depending on the specific clinical case, the goal of the department's doctors is to achieve a complete recovery or a long-term remission.

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