Department of infectious disease

The department of infectious disease at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul deals with diagnosing and treating infections caused by bacteria, viruses or parasites. The department has access to the latest therapeutic developments in infectious diseases. The department employs first-class specialists who make every effort to ensure that the patient receives comprehensive and most effective treatment at the international level. Treatment is carried out on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Great importance is attached to research activities, which have led to the development of many innovative therapies. The department is equipped with special isolators and modern ventilation systems, accommodating patients with severe airborne infections. Diagnostic tests are carried out in the department's microbiological laboratory. The standard methods for diagnosing infectious diseases are immunological and bacteriological tests, PCR, serological studies, etc.

Particular attention is paid to the treatment of infections in immunocompromised patients. The department has advanced experience in treating patients with infectious lesions after organ transplantation and chemotherapy for the treatment of oncological pathologies, systemic autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiencies. When developing a treatment regimen for a patient, specialists aim not only to neutralize the causative agent of the infectious process but also to prevent the development of pathological complications.

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