Department aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery

The aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery department at Memorial Sisli Hospital Istanbul offers a full range of surgical interventions to improve patient's appearance and functional performance. During the initial consultation, the department's doctors answer all patients' questions and provide detailed information about the intervention and subsequent rehabilitation measures. All surgical interventions are performed in high-tech operating rooms equipped with necessary surgical instruments and monitoring systems for safe and effective treatment. Plastic surgeons can provide interventions under general anaesthesia and local and epidural anaesthesia. If the patient needs hospitalisation, the caring nursing staff creates all conditions for a comfortable stay in the clinic.

The main task of the department's plastic surgeons is to improve the appearance of that part of the face or body that causes discomfort and lowers the patient's self-esteem. The cosmetic and aesthetic services range includes interventions for breast disproportion, jaw bone deformities, facial ageing, drooping eyelids, and nose deformities. The medical team also makes every effort to restore or preserve the organ's functionality, for example, in the case of cleft lip and palate, defects after removal of neoplasms, and defects after burns.

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