Department of otolaryngology

The department of otolaryngology at KCM Clinic Wroclaw offers a full range of medical services for ear, throat or nose diseases for adults and children. The department has the latest equipment for the accurate assessment of pathological conditions. A modern method for assessing the pathology of the tonsils is the endoscopic method using a fiberscope, which doctors of the department widely use. During routine diagnosis, otolaryngologists also use direct palpation to assess tonsil hypertrophy. The otolaryngology department is renowned for its achievements in gentle endoscopic surgery. Specialists prefer surgical techniques using a microscope and an endoscope, which allows for minimally invasive expansion of the sinus openings. Operations performed in this way give a chance to improve the condition of the sinuses and, at the same time, do not leave visible scars, as they are performed inside the nose.

The department's medical team primarily applies conservative methods of treatment strictly following international standards. ENT specialists perform minimally invasive surgical interventions if a therapeutic effect is not achieved. Doctors of the department specialize in treating inflammatory diseases of the tonsils, hypertrophy of the tonsils, tumours of the throat and nose, hearing loss in children, and allergic and infectious diseases. The department also treats snoring using the modern RAVOR radiosurgical method.

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