Department of neurosurgery

The department of neurosurgery at the International Neuroscience Institute Hanover (INI) offers a full range of services for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of diseases of the brain and spinal cord and the peripheral nervous system. The department is considered the leading neurosurgery facility worldwide. The department accepts both adults and children. Surgical interventions are the last stage of treatment, so neurosurgeons, neurologists and neuroradiologists consider the patient's clinical case individually. Successful surgical treatment is possible only with modern medical equipment. Therefore, each operating room in the department is equipped with the latest operating microscopes, neuronavigation and intraoperative systems that allow for the most accurate interventions without risk to the health.

The primary focus is the surgical treatment of brain and spinal cord tumours. The basis of therapy, as a rule, is an operation to resect the tumour. Minimally invasive surgery is always preferred, while classical open surgery is rarely used. There is neuronavigation and laser MRI-guided surgery available in the department. Also often used is the innovative method of stereotactic radiosurgery, in which tumour cells and metastases are destroyed using ionising radiation.

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