Department of metabolic and bariatric (weight loss) surgery

The department of metabolic and bariatric (weight loss) surgery at Dr. HE Obesity Clinic Istanbul provides world-class care for obese patients. The department's medical staff has extensive experience in metabolic surgery and adheres to an individual approach to treating patients. After a thorough diagnosis, the department's surgeons analyze the patient's condition and suggest the appropriate type of surgery that best suits the patient. The department has modern diagnostic and treatment equipment and a hospitable and friendly atmosphere. In addition, the department operates a 24-hour obesity hotline if an urgent consultation is needed. First, doctors apply conservative treatment methods, especially drug therapy, diet therapy and lifestyle changes.

Treatments available at the department include gastric balloon surgery, gastric bypass surgery, gastric tube surgery, and non-surgical weight loss. Doctors offer the surgical treatment of diabetes mellitus using transit bilobed surgery. This surgery provides people with an improved quality of life by reducing long-term health problems associated with diabetes and obesity. Non-surgical weight loss involves the application of Botox to the fundus of the stomach through an endoscopic needle. The procedure is performed under light anaesthesia, and the patient does not feel pain.

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