Department of neurological rehabilitation

The neurological rehabilitation department combines the experience of a highly qualified multidisciplinary team and the possibilities of modern innovative developments. Each treatment is selected individually thanks to numerous tests carried out by doctors on high-tech equipment. Robotic simulators allowed highly experienced physiotherapists and neurologists to develop a unique rehabilitation program with no analogues. The G-EO System is used in the first stages of rehabilitation for gait education and re-education, and the HAL (Hybrid Assistive Limb) is the basis of all therapy. In addition, HandTutor and Pelvictrainer are also used as needed. Each machine has exceptional sensors and an intelligent system that records patient progress, analyzes it and adjusts subsequent sessions according to the data. The technique aims to improve, maintain and restore the body's physical functions. Step-by-step rehabilitation planning takes into account every detail that can affect progress. The team offers rehabilitation services not only for adults but also for kids.

The unit is primarily focused on neurological rehabilitation for multiple sclerosis, spinal cord traumas, stroke, ALS, muscular dystrophy, Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease, and inborn myopathies. All the efforts of doctors are devoted to the comfortable and quick recovery of the patient, with compliance with high medical standards of quality and safety. As a result, in addition to improved gait, the patient benefits from reduced pain, increased sensitivity, better digestive function, and enhanced sexual function.

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