Department of orthopaedics and trauma surgery

The department of orthopaedics and trauma surgery at ATOS Orthopedic Clinic Frankfurt am Main is a medical facility for musculoskeletal injuries. The department specialists have many years of experience in the treatment of acute accidental injuries in emergency centres. Furthermore, local specialists obtained additional designations in unique trauma surgery, which underlines the particular expertise in this field. Therefore, local experts are renowned second-opinion consultants. The operation theatres are equipped with the best and latest tools and devices. Hygiene is maintained through the medical know-how of local specialists, allowing the department to hold an absolute top position in the Rhine-Main region. Medical services are provided following the quality standards and guidelines of the German Society for Trauma Surgery and other evidence-based sources.

In addition to treating orthopaedic symptoms, the treatment of acute injuries such as broken bones, joint dislocations, and muscle/tendon injuries is possible. Follow-up treatment is also available. The department successfully combines minimally invasive options with conventional and well-established approaches.

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