Department of plastic surgery

The department of plastic surgery at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul provides a full range of aesthetic surgical procedures, as well as aesthetic procedures to improve appearance. The department's specialists have excellent qualifications and rich experience to ensure the best result for each patient. One of the main advantages of the department is the use of the most modern surgical techniques, which exclude the possibility of severe tissue damage during surgery. Operating rooms are equipped with modern computer equipment and surgical instruments for the safest and most effective treatment. Each patient has an individual approach. Before prescribing an intervention, the doctors conduct a comprehensive consultation, during which they offer the patient several optimal options for solving his problem, after which they make a joint decision on the most optimal treatment method.

Plastic surgeons have exceptional experience in facial rejuvenation, correction of the shape and size of the breast, correction of body contours through liposuction and plastic surgery of the anterior abdominal wall, and operations to correct the shape of the ears and nose. Before the operation, all patients are consulted by experienced anesthesiologists who provide information about all anaesthesia options. Doctors also specialize in genital surgery for women and men. In addition, with the help of modern techniques, doctors help patients correct deformities due to advanced age, complications associated with childbirth, genetics, weight gain and loss.

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