Department of hair transplant

The department of hair transplant at Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center Istanbul specializes in hair restoration using the original follicles of a person who has lost hair. Doctors extract hair follicles from the back of the ears, an area resistant to hair loss, and transplant them into a hairless area. The hair grows back because the original hair follicles are used and can be trimmed and dyed. At least four hair transplant procedures are performed every day. Each procedure takes 3 to 6 hours, after which the patient can go home. The professionalism of doctors is known not only in Turkey but also far beyond its borders - the medical team has successfully performed hair transplants on several Arab members of the royal family.

The department specialists carry out hair transplantation in case of hair loss due to genetic reasons and restore hair after injuries and burns. The competence of the medical institution includes DHI and FUE hair transplantation techniques, which are innovations in medicine today. The advantage of these methods is that the doctor can significantly reduce the time of opening the hair canal, thereby reducing the risk of infection to almost zero. Moreover, the technique is excellent for hair transplantation on the head and restoring beard hair in men and eyebrows in women.

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